Commit to Fit | Week 9

Author | Commit to Fit 2013 Winner, Judith Zissman

If this blog was a novel, we’d be in a boring middle chapter right now - past the novelty of the beginning where everything is fresh and interesting, and not yet at the triumphant ending where everyone celebrates our delightful heroine and how far she’s come.

Much of life is a boring middle chapter, though, so it’s useful to find strategies for staying engaged.

The first is that I’m starting to really see some results. I’m down about 12 pounds so far, and that doesn’t seem like much to me (how many times have I lost that same 10-20 pounds?), but the combination of weight loss and muscle building has me feeling leaner overall. Other people are noticing as well - I ran into someone I hadn’t seen since my son was born and she commented about it immediately.

The second is to keep in mind exactly why I’m doing this: to keep up with my son for the short and long term. He’s a very physical kid - army crawling, pulling himself up to standing, and doing a fantastic plank position. Getting him to stop squirming long enough to change his diaper requires most of my upper body strength already, and he’s getting stronger every day. I need to keep up.

Billy was traveling for work last week, and it was tempting to slack off while he was gone. I could really have used a good nap or two during those afternoons, but I went to the gym and did the work, reminding myself that I’m not there to make Billy or Sarah happy - I’m there to meet my own goals, and napping doesn’t get me there.

The third is to surround myself with support and encouragement. A friend of mine has started a Facebook group for people she knows who are working on fitness goals, and each day we talk about the activities and choices we pursued towards those goals, and the challenges we faced along the way. Though I don’t know most of the people in the group, it’s really helpful to have that daily check-in with a team of supporters.

How do you get through the boring middle parts of things you’ve started? Let me know in the comments - I’d love to hear from you.