By Barrett Brooks

"I had a wonderful time chatting it up with my friend, Barrett, about going after what you love. Thank you for the opportunity! I highly recommend checking out Barrett's awesome team, Living for Monday, to learn how you can overcome obstacles and reach your full potential."  - Gina


What if you could combine multiple (seemingly) unrelated passions into one career that drives your sense of purpose and fulfillment?

This is a question I get all the time from my students, mentees, and the Living for Monday community: “Barrett, I’ve got more than one passion and they have absolutely nothing to do with one another…. How do I choose between them?”

There are many ways to go about solving that problem (a good one to have, by the way), but rather than answering it with my opinion in a blog post, I decided to invite Gina Gutierrez to join me on this episode of The Living for Monday Show. Gina has found a compelling balance between two seemingly unrelated passions to form one fulfilling career.

Gina has built a valuable skillset through her work as a personal trainer (and now partner) at DIAKADI, a fitness and health studio out in the Bay Area, CA. She loves the client interaction and helping people create healthier lifestyles, but she knew all along that she wanted an outlet for her creative side. That’s why she decided to start a blog and service-based business around her passion for interior design.

Now, Gina has amassed an incredible brand and skillset not only in the fitness world, but she’s also begun to build an equally impressive portfolio by creating inspiring and comfortable living spaces for her design clients.

In this episode, Gina and I dig in on how she’s managed to find the balance between two fulfilling passions while maintaining a healthy lifetsyle of her own. Listen in to find out how you can create your own fulfilling career by combining multiple passions.