By JP Sears, Holistic Coach

If you were on a mission to get to a destination that doesn’t exist, at what point would you go crazy? Have you been searching for the non-existent destination of the perfect diet? If you haven’t lost your sanity yet, how much longer can you go before you burst at the seams?

To pull the veil off the insanity a little further, if there was a perfect diet for you, what happens to your peace of mind when you find out that perfect diet won’t be perfect for your body forever, possibly just a short period of time? If the above is true, how much more institutionalized do you feel if your mission continues to be arriving and living forever at the destination that doesn’t exist?

From a holistic health perspective, how can you increase your vitality nutritionally without it being at the expense of compromised vitality psychologically? Please join me in considering this!

Sophisticated Nutritional Confliction

If you care enough for yourself to take a proactive approach to your health by nurturing yourself with healthy nutrition, then good for you! The bad part for you is the psychological stress that can easily manifest by way of the conflicting strategies that come from very well qualified nutritional authorities! As most of the authorities have plenty of research and logic to rationalize their beliefs, we often place ourselves into a jeopardizing position of choosing to feed our bodies based on which author has the most charismatic delivery, passionate defiance to other opinions, and convincing closed mindedness! This is a drastically different place than choosing to feed your body based on what its nutritional needs are!

Trying to sort through the confliction to find a place of definitive clarity ultimately lands one in the swamp of more confusion! To state the painfully obvious, there are many nutritional/diet philosophies and strategies available. Examples of the diets are: Paleo, Vegan, Raw Vegan, Fruitarian, Vegetarian, Breatharian, Carnivore, Raw Carnivore, Mediterranean, Macrobiotic, Low fat, High fat, Body Type, Blood Type, Metabolic Type, Zone, Atkins, South Beach, Intermittent fasting, Pritikin, Perricone, and the Grapefruit Diet.

Many of the above examples are scientifically proven to be effective by their proponents while being scientifically proven to be non-effective by their opponents. Additionally, dozens of conflicting diet philosophies all claim that their approach is correct, healthy, and effective…how can this be? Who’s right and who’s wrong? Perhaps it’s both at the same time. What if they are all telling the truth? Perhaps what makes our insanity escalate is when we operate with the make believe assumption that one diet philosophy must be true and the rest must be false. We may then find the light of our sanity shining if we can expand our minds to consider that there are different truths expressing themselves simultaneously.

The Body Doesn’t Lie and the Mind Does Like Control

Perhaps we leave the frustration of mission impossible and find the grace of a very probable mission possible when we make our search less about finding THE Holy Grail of nutrition and more about finding “MY Holy Grail of nutrition that serves me right NOW.” This leaves our brains appropriately challenged in that we are no longer seeking to eat based on the nutritional thoughts that we think are the most appealing, but rather eating based on the needs of our bodies. The thinking mind is rendered into a place of feeling helplessly insignificant and will often rather walk the path of insanity just so it can feel significant as the decision maker. Non-attachment to any philosophy of nutrition is perhaps one of the most essential mindsets if we wish to find the sanity of eating based on our body’s needs.

This need too shall pass…What if the only thing about the body that never changes is the fact that it’s always changing? Does our insanity meter escalate if we expect our dynamic body and it’s nutritional needs to stay statically consistent? Nutritional life would be seemingly easier if that were the case, as with static consistency comes predictability, which breeds a feeling of being in control, which creates a feeling of safety, which means we can psychologically leave the intimacy of the present moment in favor of relying on what has worked nutritionally in the past.

Being sensitive to our body’s needs IN THIS MOMENT requires an uncomfortable challenge. It necessitates that we are present, connected to feelings in the body (not thinking), willing to change from what we’ve been doing, and at times accepting innate nutritional guidance that we have yet to create a rationalization about in our thinking brain.

Sanity through Individualized Individualism

If we can take on the spirit of adventure where we are willing to fly away from any nutritional methods at the first sign of them no longer serving us, how can we have the peace of mind of knowing when we’ve landed on one that serves us better? Perhaps the wisdom of the body that knows, and is always telling us, speaks the necessary messages to us not in the English language but in a feeling language. Please consider the following body/mind sensations:

  • Physical energy
  • Appetite satisfaction
  • Clarity of thought
  • Lack of food cravings
  • Emotional stability

You may choose to consider that when these feeling language factors are relatively balanced, we have the wise reassurance that we’ve landed in a nourishingly nutritional place. When these factors feel out of balance we might choose to seek the higher ground of nutritional changes! When we become the raw vegan who has gray skin, low energy, and atrophied muscle… The Carnivore with a beer gut, digestive issues, and body odor…The insulin resistant Vegetarian…The leptin resistant Paleo…we are receiving very clear messages about our body’s needs changing. Do we have the ears to hear? Or do the messages get drowned out in a willingness to die for our nutritional philosophical cause?

Leaving Insanity for the Higher Ground of Sanity

To help you care for your body nutritionally while enjoying peace of mind psychologically, please consider the following points of mindfulness and action.

  • Treat nutritional methods as “strategies” rather than “philosophies”
  • Remember that your needs are different than other people’s
  • Remember that your needs are different than your needs…Your needs can change at any time
  • Do your best to stay mentally and emotionally non-attached to diet strategies
  • Guide yourself with the body/mind sensations: physical energy, appetite satisfaction, clarity of thought, lack of food cravings, emotional stability. Feelings express the nutritional needs wisdom of the body, not thinking
  • No one has potential to know what your body needs more than you!

For more food for thought on having a psychologically peaceful experience while being mindful with your nutrition, please feel free to checkout my two YouTube videos on the topic below!

Video of Peace of Mind in Nutritional Insantity Part 1

Video of Peace of Mind in Nutritional Insantity Part 2

About the Author

JP Sears is a Holistic Health Coach in San Diego, CA. His one-on-one client practice specializes in holistic emotional healing and resolving self-sabotage issues. JP regularly facilitates classes and workshops nationally and internationally on a variety of inner healing topics while being widely acclaimed for his heartfelt and dynamic style. For more information on upcoming classes, tele-classes, or becoming a client, please visit You can also subscribe to JP’s YouTube Channel at and follow him on Facebook at