Author | DIAKADI Trainer and Nutrionist Lynne Speckmann I’d like to introduce you to DIAKADI client Michael Proppe. Michael has an amazing health and fitness success story. He has transformed his body losing 24lbs and cut his body fat percentage nearly in half from 21% to 11.9%! He’s done this with sweat, guts and hard work. No quick fix schemes. No crazy diets. Real fitness. Real food. He did it in a way that’s reliable and sustainable. As a result, he’s learned how he can do this on his own to support his health going forward.

Michael is a committed, dedicated and energetic guy. I started working with Michael in January 2013 where he weighed in at 191lbs. He’s now a and fit 166lbs. Despite a demanding work schedule, Michael set an intention to turn things around. He made sure he got his workouts in, followed his nutrition plan (even while eating out at restaurants) and took proper rest to allow his body to recover.

Michael maintained his lean body mass with resistance workouts even while he focused on fat loss. He kept his cardio varied and fun with running, biking and swimming. He incorporated yoga, stretching and massage to support and heal his body for the long-term. More importantly he changed his nutrition to support his weight loss and body composition goals as well as provide for a nutrition plan that’s sustainable going forward. All of these positive lifestyle changes have Michael feeling great and full of energy! I’m so proud of him and couldn’t be happier for him!

Michael is now training for the Pacific Grove Triathlon in September. You can find him climbing up Mt. Tam on his bike, running around golden gate park, at the gym swimming or getting his weight routine on.

If you get a chance, stop and say hello to Michael and congratulate him on his success!