The ONE thing you need to WIN Do you recall a time when you have aspired to achieve a goal? Applying for that new job, competing in an athletic competition or getting ready for the presentation of your life?

What did you do to prepare?

Research, getting advice from the right people, working on your form and technique, practicing, practicing and more practicing…

Sound familiar?

The truth is, as necessary as it is to put in all the hard work and practice until you’ve got it down; there is still one key element that is missing. This ONE thing can make all the difference.

What is it?

Your mindset.

To get extraordinary results, it takes more than just hard work and repeated practice.  It takes a winning mind.

Lets start from the beginning and go back to that goal you’re aspiring for. Say you want to apply for a new job. It’s two levels above your current position, offers more challenging and rewarding work and pays a lot more.

Here are the 3 things that you need to consider:

  1. Your conscious mind
  2. Your subconscious mind
  3. Your self-image

The conscious mind controls all of the senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. Every time we think of something, we are doing it consciously. It is your conscious mind that decides that it wants to go for this job.

The subconscious mind is the source of our skills. We develop skills through repetition of conscious thought until the subconscious mind can automatically performs them. Think about the first time you learnt how to drive - your conscious mind had to process every single action. Now you are able to drive and listen to the radio all while strategizing about the next job interview!

The final part of this puzzle is our self-image. It is total of your habits and attitudes and is what makes you 'act like you'. This is likely the most important of all three factors. Our success and our performance are directly tied to our self-image. You see, no matter how much you have prepared to perform (the conscious and subconscious mind), if your self-image isn't that of a winner - you won't win.

How does this all come together?

The conscious mind examines the environment, prioritizes and sets the goal of applying for the job and then makes a plan of action to follow (research, talking to people, practicing interview questions). When you do this enough, the subconscious mind then takes over the activity. You practice so much that you can answer ANY question about your skill set without having to think too much. The self-image controls the amount of subconscious skill that you will use based on what it based on what it as views as being true about you. If it’s ‘like you’ to kick ass at an interview and get any job you apply for – you will draw out more of your subconscious skill and in reality are much more likely to kick ass!

Elite performance is generated when all 3 parts are in balance: your conscious, subconscious and your self-image.

This explains what happens when you take on a new activity - your triad is out of balance. You are using way too much of your conscious mind since everything is new. You have not yet developed subconscious skill. Also your self-image (mindset) is of a beginner that cannot perform well.

You know the person who does well in practice but not in the actual situation? Well they are also out of balance. They have their conscious and subconscious minds trained and ready but the self-image has not developed enough for them to believe they can succeed.

Why am I making a big deal about this?

Even though the top five percent of performers agree that elite performance is 90% mental, the amount of time and money invested on training their mental game is less than 10%.

By not working on your mental game – you are missing out the critical piece that contributes as much as 90% to your success.


Think about this:

Have any of the following ever happened to you?

You are the best candidate for the job. You've prepared for weeks, done all the research, talked to all the right people - you are READY. But, come interview day, you crumble under pressure.

You are ready to compete. You've prepared for years, worked with a coach honing your form and technique. Then, game day arrives but you are unable to perform.

So here’s the solution:

More than getting the job, or winning that competition (remember you focus on process NOT outcome) your goal should be:

To improve the probability of having consistent mental performance even under pressure whether it's that top executive job you are after or an Olympic gold.

At the highest levels, everyone has put in the time, worked on improving their skill and practiced over and over. But what separates the person who wins the gold from the second place winner is the mental attitude on game day.

So, set your goals. Go apply for that job. Go compete. Research, get advice from the right people, work on your form, your technique, practice, practice and practice some more…

Oh and ONE more thing…

Work on your self-image!

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Reference: With Winning in Mind - Larry Bassham


Pooja is a firm believer in the power of the human spirit. If you want it badly enough, there is no dream that’s too big to achieve with the right ATTITUDE, COMMITMENT and HARD WORK. As a life coach, she gets to work with clients and discover what’s truly important in their lives. Pooja creates CUSTOMIZED plans designed to help you achieve your GOALS. She helps you find and live your AWESOME!