Welcome to the first of many installments of "Outside the Box"! This new series will be bringing you tips, articles and other less frequently known ways of how to strive for the healthiest and best you. I ask that you keep an open mind when reading this series, because we will be bringing you material and some ideas that truly are "Outside the Box". Like always we will always do our part to research and make sure that we are bringing the cleanest, truest and most up to date ideas and theories to help make your life the best it can be. Enjoy the read!

Of all the things you strive for in life, is contentment one of them? We may work out to to experience feelings of contentment more often, while also improving our fitness and wellness. We fitness enthusiasts know the intense physical and mental focus that exercise requires can be a welcome reprieve from common life stressors and some of the negative emotions that can distract us or slow us down - not to mention the endorphin rush that leaves us feeling refreshed and revived. Most everyone, most of the time, will report feeling better after a workout.

But what else can we do to feel more contentment in our lives? Are there obstacles that dog us, or perceived barriers that make contentment on a larger scale seem out of reach? Local blogger Leo Babauta believes there are five main points to finding your own true contentment including:

  1. “Find what turns you on. - The idea of do what you love. "
  2. "Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. - Too many people get caught up in watching everyone else, and letting that influence them, that they lose their inner compass."
  3. "Know your strengths. - Letting go of the need to do everything, and being happy with focusing on less, is an important contentment lesson."
  4. "Fewer and higher quality. - You don’t need more — instead, be more discerning, and happy with less."
  5. "Know what you like and forget the rest. - Just enjoy the things we like, and not worry about what else we could be enjoying, or what everyone else is enjoying."

Check out Zen blogger Leo Babauta's thoughts on the subject here in his posts 5 Lessons in Contentment and The Obstacle is the Path.