Introductory Author | Cristian Luecke In this article by Chris Kresser, The Biggest Obstacle to Perfect Health is Your Mind, Chris touches upon the idea that we all focus too much on our strongest "link" when trying to reach an elevated level of health and fitness, and instead should take a step back and think about what truly is the weakest of our links. I know that I struggle with this at times as well. I feel so much stronger in my weight training abilities that when I have a goal to reach sometimes I will just lift with more intensity. Recently I have added some cardio (gasp!), including only ten minutes of hiit (high intensity interval training) before each weight lifting regimen and simply biking to and from work. The result? Well I am seeing results almost instantly and even feeling more upbeat!

The Challenge

This month I challenge you to do some serious chain searching and find your weakest link. Be honest with yourself and do not be afraid of this weak link. Even though it seems like it is your enemy right now, you can turn it into your greatest ally! With my new very simple cardio regimen I actually can lift LESS intensely and am still seeing better results then when all I did was lift until I couldn't lift a feather. Now here is the tricky part. Once you have identified your weak link take the month of October to focus on working on this link. Make it as strong as the rest of your chain and reap the benefits. Bring it up to speed and continue to enjoy working on the strong links as well!

I hope you enjoy The Biggest Obstacle to Perfect Health is Your Mind as much as I did!


The linked article was written by Chris Kresser, a licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of integrative medicine, who has consistently been on the forefront of health and medicine. He is a believer in preventing disease and other ailments by means of exercise, nutrition and self-healing mechanisms, as opposed to just treating them .