Are you a trainer interested in working with clients who are pregnant or have recently had a baby? Are you currently or do you plan on getting pregnant and want to learn more about exercise during your pregnancy? Recently had a baby and want advice for safely easing back into a fitness program/routine? Join us for Burn’s Pregnancy and Fitness Seminar at the Broadway Studio and learn detailed exercises, modifications and suggestions for exercise and fitness during the first, second, third and even the “fourth” trimester.

Pregnancy is an amazing time to focus on and develop the muscles that will soon be heavily relied upon to carry a baby, diaper bag, stroller and not injure oneself.

Taught by Burn founder and mom of two, Lisa Corsello, this class pays special attention to designing exercise sets for new and expectant mothers that will strengthen and develop “mom muscles”, improve posture, and build a solid foundation to be able to meet the demands of motherhood.

From this 3 hour seminar, you can expect to learn:

  • Anatomy and physiology throughout each trimester
  • Exercises designed for safe, effective and challenging workouts with a focus on how to progress from one movement to the next. Exercise sets and groupings will be provided and explained
  • Unique strategies to safely stay challenged throughout pregnancy
  • Targeted stretches to help alleviate discomfort and fatigue
  • Postpartum exercises, modifications and expectations, as well as in-depth information on rebuilding the core step-by-step
  • The latest research and benefits of strengthening and conditioning safely through each trimester
  • Ways to work with and alleviate common joint pain and syndromes that can accompany pregnancy
  • Continuing education credits are available for certified professionals.

When: Saturday, October 12th 1:00 PM- 4:00 PM

Where: BurnSF Broadway studio, 1463 Broadway, San Francisco, CA 94109

Availability: Limited to 20 spaces

Cost:  $100

We believe in empowering both the fitness professional and the client with information, support and detailed program design to create strong & happy moms and babies.

Click HERE to participate in Burn’s workshop. 

For more information about the Burn Pregnancy & Fitness Seminar, please contact Rachael Frank, BurnFitness Director at rachaelfrank@burnsf.com