DIAKADI was excited to be featured on The Bold Italic in January 2014!   The holidays are right around the corner and according to Consumer Reports, the second most stressful thing for Americans during this time of year is the fear of gaining weight and getting out of shape. Billy Polson, owner and founder of DIAKADI Fitness Performance Life developed a game plan for your nutrition, your movement and those New Year’s resolutions that will help you thrive this holiday season. Whether you stick around or travel home to see family, check out DIAKADI’s Ultimate Destination Workout below and find more tips for surviving the holidays online here.

DIAKADI’s Ultimate Destination Workout can be done anywhere, anytime, with no equipment, regardless of whether you are a beginner or at an advanced level. If your schedule allows for 15 minutes or an hour, this workout keeps your upper and lower body moving well, your muscles balanced, and will even help your arms look good for those holiday photos. It can be done in a small New York hotel room, back home in your Dad's office, or at your grandpa's country club fitness center. Each exercise has an instructional video in order to teach proper form.

If you are in San Francisco for the holidays, get out of the house and take this workout down to the new outdoor fitness court at the Marina green, which provides basic equipment on a padded workout floor with the Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop.

If you are hosting your family in San Francisco for the big day, Polson recommends adding some sort of movement to your Christmas Day tradition. Don’t get stuck inside, eating and spending the entire day watching A Christmas Story 17 times. Take advantage of the new Bay Area Bike Share and hop around between bike pick-up points that are spread throughout the city.

The new Bay Bridge also has an amazing new walk/bike path that starts in Emeryville. Or simply head up to Walter Haas Park in Twin Peaks and enjoy playing family "Hoops with a View."

Don’t forget to check out DIAKADI’s other tips for surviving the holidays in their new blog series “The 12 Days of Fitness!”