“What am I doing wrong? I’ve been eating a low-fat, low-carb diet and nothing is changing.” This is usually what I hear from clients and friends looking to lose weight and improve their heart health after a doctor’s visit. A good amount of friends and family were told to take cholesterol drugs that seem to minimally improve numbers if they do at all. How is that possible? Dr. Dwight Lundell clearly explains to us what is wrong with the practice of prescribing statins and a low fat low/low carb diets to all patients with heart disease. New studies from the medical field state it is actually the inflammation caused by a diet full of processed foods that use simple carbs and the imbalance of omega-6 fatty acids that causes poor heart health. It’s not grass fed steak or even butter that cause this. Even Dr. Lundell says that he has been wrong for 25 years. He then goes on to say that the best weapon we have against poor heart health is to eat organic, whole and unprocessed foods, seek out omega-3s fatty acids and eat complex carbs like sweet potatoes (instead of relying on bread, pancakes and other simple carbs) that do not cause a huge spike in insulin level.

This extremely well written and clear article will shed some light on some great ways for you to easily improve your heart health without the use of drugs or surgery. Read this article (and then do your own research) and see for yourself how your body responds while eliminating processed foods and simple sugars, and adding in real healthy foods. Enjoy the article and be well!

Read Dr.Lundell's Article Here.