DIAKADI DIY Tips Series: Episode 7

Authors: Elaine Williams and Billy Polson

Working out with a partner can be a great way to motivate and to push us harder and break through plateaus. But when working out becomes socializing, we are unable to push our hardest and give our best.

In this segment of DIAKADI's DIY Tips Series, Holistic Health Coach and Trainer Elaine Williams and Billy Polson show a great example of how focus and silence while working out can lead to better posture, balance and stronger work.


The DIAKADI DIY Tips Series: How to Correct Your Mistakes and Redesign Your Workouts, is a weekly blog series focused on helping clients recognize improper workout practices and consequently correct and improve their own workouts. Each episode will highlight advice from one of DIAKADI’s veteran trainers. Watch DB04 for weekly updates.