I remember back in the early 2000s when my mom used to clip on her pedometer, the new fitness craze at the time, telling me that she had to hit 10,000 steps a day to stay fit as told by Katie Couric on the Today Show. Fast forward ten years and we have the new and improved pedometer fitbit. This pedometer not only tracks the amount of steps taken per day, it measures how long and how well you sleep, as well as your weight and gives you the ability to log your food intake on their interactive website. If you have a competitive side, you can see how your friends and family are racking up online and try to challenge them on the leaderboard. This pushes you to strive for higher goals and also allows for friends and family to stay motivated and push each other to exceed expectations.

Founder and co-owner of DIAKADI Billy Polson has a client who claims that he is "more motivated to go for a walk or take an exercise class" if his activity level is low so he can hit his daily activity goals.

In a six-week lifestyle program designed by Dr. Rajani Larocca at Massachusetts General Hospital for 10 patients with diabetes ages 50-70, it was found that every patient increased their activity levels while wearing their activity tracker. In the long term, about half of those patients  are still wearing the activity tracker 8 months later. This shows that even a little change in your lifestyle, such as wearing a fitbit, can result in big effects with regard to your physical activity.

One downfall of fitbit is that there are certain movements that won't be tracked without automatic input onto their website because the accelerometer inside of the technology cannot sense them. In a recent article by The New York Times, it was found that activity trackers have a hard time sensing when a person is fidgeting or even the movement done while riding a bike. This is because activity trackers usually are only able to measure motion, not exertion. Users have to manually enter activities such as weight lifting and bicycling to get a more accurate fitbit reading.

We think that Fitbit is a great option for people who are adamant about monitoring their physical activity levels to become more active. It is a fantastic motivator to help you reach your fitness goals and strive for a more healthful lifestyle. With or without a fitbit, you should be getting off of that couch and start moving!



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Fitbit comes in two forms: a bracelet or a clip-on that can be attached to your shirt or pants.