DIAKADI is excited to announce the arrival of Berkeley's Artís Coffee Peru Blend as our in-house brew.  Artís was born out of the belief that the world should know the true story of coffee. While living in Japan, where freshness and quality are uniquely valued, founder Alex Lowe stumbled upon the concept of live roasting. Drawn in by the inviting aromas, he witnessed customers selecting their individual orders of green coffee and waiting as it was roasted to their preference. Walking out with his warm bag of coffee, he was unaware that the first sip would forever change his understanding of this beverage. He aspired to bring this story home.


At business school he joined forces with James Gutierrez, (little brother of DIAKADI's own Gina Gutierrez) a retail design and construction guru, and Elvis Lieban, who brought the coffee expertise to round out their team. Combining their unique skills and experiences the team brought Artis to life.

DIAKADI will be serving Peru, which is an Organic medium to dark roast that is harvested between April and November and found at elevations in between 900-2000 meters.

If you wish to visit Artis in person and check out their awesome selection of coffees you can find them sipping coffee in their shop at 1717B 4th Street in Berkeley.

We hope you enjoy Artis Coffee!