Commit To Fit is wrapping up after five years of success! We are so proud of all of the accomplishments that our Commit To Fit clients have made in these past five years. Check out just a few of our exciting memories.





ommitment from the start to change their nutritional and fitness habits has allowed them to sustain their weight loss.


CTFO copy


n board airplane seat-extenders are long gone for CTF participants.





edications were eliminated or significantly reduced by the end of CTF.





ean lean fighting machines were made with increased muscle mass and decreased fat composition.





dentities were renewed and positive lifestyle changes were made that will stick with participants for years to come.




otal weight lost by CTF participants is 427 lbs!




Commit To Fit has showed us all that hard work and a desire to get healthy can produce big results. Start your own journey by committing to staying healthy by eating right and incorporating exercise into your everyday life. The DIAKADI team will help you get there and make sure you kick ass doing it.

Let our winners inspire you.

Commit to Fit Winners