10 Steps to a Hot Summer Body: Episode 6

Authors: Gina Gutierrez and Chelsea Perramond


Summer time is here. Time for bathing suits, tank tops and 'Suns Out Guns out'!

In this sixth installment of DIAKADI's 'Summer School with DB04 - 10 Steps to a Hot Summer Body', fitness performance coach Chelsea Perramond speaks with DIAKADI Partner/Trainer Gina Gutierrez about the best 3 exercises for developing the biceps and triceps, while getting a little abdominal workout at the same time.


Perramond recommends:

1. Walking Tricep Planks
2. Overhead Tricep Extensions
3. Bicep Curls Against the Wall

Looking for maximum muscle mass increases in your arms, try Perramond's exercises using the '666' Reps and Sets Programming logic. Check out this additional DIAKADI Exercise Blog for details:

Good luck trying these changes to your current workout program design.

Watch for 'Summer School with DB04 - Step 6: The 3 Best Exercises for Leg and Butt Development' for advice on the best bang for the buck lower body exercises.

‘Summer School with DB04 – 10 Steps to a Hot Summer Body’ is DIAKADI Fitness Performance Life’s 10 part series detailing exactly what steps to take for fat loss, muscle building and looking your best this summer. The series will address nutrition, cardio exercise, and muscle development programs for full body development.

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