Success! DIAKADI trainer, Christian Pitkin, has finished his Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification and sheds light on what means for himself and his clients. DIAKADI trainers are always expanding their learning in order to offer the best and smartest training to their clients. We wanted to interview Christian in order learn more about his educational journey.

DIAKADI: What certification did you just obtain?

C. Pitkin: Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification

DIAKADI: What steps did you have to take to get this certification?

C. Pitkin: I read 17 chapters of The Essentials of Sport and Exercise Nutrition and answered workbook questions on all the chapters.  I also watched online videos of each chapter. Then I took a 100 question exam.

DIAKADI: What are some of the key points you learned from obtaining this certification?

C. Pitkin: I learned the following:

  • The Cell structure and Function within the human body.
  • How food is digested and absorbed.
  • The process of Energy transformation and metabolism.
  • The specifics of Macro and Micro Nutrients
  • The practical approach of how to work with clients within an entire life cycle of a training program.
  • (All the way from collecting preliminary client information TO providing a nutrition plan related with their training program and then ON TO monitoring goals and results and modifying/adjusting when need be).
  • Numerous Case Studies are presented with real life examples whom John Berardi and other fitness professionals had experienced first hand.

DIAKADI: How will this certification change your practice and your own life/eating practices?

C. Pitkin: The cert will help me tremendously in knowing what food to recommend to clients, when to eat, and how this relates to their type of exercise (ie, strength vs aerobic vs anaerobic training) ( ie. ectomorph vs mesomorph vs endomorph body types) and so forth. It helps with knowing what essential and non-essential supplementations to recommend. Also, I now have new tools to use when assessing new and old clients from a nutritional viewpoint. I've also learned about how less is actually more in regards to supplements meaning that, as long as we have a sound nutritional game plan for our body type, then there are only a few - if any at all - supplements that we really need.

Christian has 5 very important nutritional questions to ask yourself to ensure that you're getting the proper nutrients in your daily diet:

  1. Are you eating slowly?
  2. Where is the Protein Dense Food?
  3. Where are the Veggies?
  4. Where are the Carbs coming from?
  5. Where are your Fats coming from?

Thanks for the insight Christian.  To earn more about Christian Pitkin and his personal training style, check out his DIAKADI Bio.