Have you ever imagined yourself completing a marathon, but feel discouraged because you don’t know where to start? Or maybe you decided that you want to take on rock climbing but don’t have the upper body strength to advance to difficult climbs. DIAKADI trainers have broken down the top 3 exercises that sport specific athletes should perform to jump-start their path to improvement. [divider] [/divider]

Rock Climbing- Sean O'brien

In rock climbing, grip strength keeps you on the rock, lower body strength propels you up the rock and core strength gives you the control to complete the movements efficiently.  As you progress to more overhung routes of dynamic (jumping) movements, you will require more upper body strength. Here are three exercises that when combined, will strengthen all these area's and keep you flying up those rocks instead of down. 


Ice Cream Makers

This exercise will strengthen the pulling muscles necessary for climbing while also working the core musculature which will help control movement and save energy. If it is too challenging, start with the knees bent at 90 degrees.


The king of lifts, this exercise is a fantastic total body exercise but can be very dangerous if not done with correct form; Learn it from a professional. It is especially beneficial for climbers as it strengthens the grip and releases good hormones that result in increased muscle growth in all areas of the body.

Cable Row with Reverse Lunge

Sean likes this exercise for climbers because it strengthens the pulling muscles while forcing the exerciser to control the movement and use core, balance and stability.

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Long Distance Running- Jon De La Torre

Legs, legs, and more legs are necessary to run for hours on end. If you're looking to start training for longer runs try these three leg workouts that are sure to improve your endurance and increase your PR.


Jane Fondas (AKA Hip Thrusts)

These are one of the most effective glute strengthening exercises that can be done with no equipment and very little impact on the joints. The glutes are one of the largest muscles in the body, and should be your primary source of power when running. The stronger your glutes are, the faster and longer you can run on them.

Leg Abductors

Leg Abductors are a great exercise to strengthen the glutes, IT Band and hip abductors; three very important muscles used when running. By increasing your range of motion of all three of these muscles, it's going to allow for more knee flexion on your strides and better absorption of the ground reaction impact experienced with each step.

Single Leg Deadlifts

These target every muscle used when running: hamstrings, quadriceps, calves, and ankle/knee joint stability. Ankle strength is one of the most overlooked BUT essential aspects of proper running. This exercises is especially important for trail runners, where the ground is uneven, slippery, and/or moist, and you need that ability to dig in a little deeper and keep your feet level.

Happy Running!
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Soccer Player- Gavin Birmingham

Want to be the next Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi? Try doing some of these pre-season exercises to boost your metabolism and improve your sprint speed. Even if you don't play soccer, it's always nice to have a strong sprint in your back pocket just in case the statue-like street performer on Embarcardero decides that your lack of tip deserves a beat-down. Yes, this actually happens.


Toe Taps - manipulating the ball with different movements of the feet.

This is a great warm up to kickstart your workout. It's main purpose is to improve balance, coordination, rhythm and can become a fun cardio workout. This also helps develop foot skills and 'touch'.

Plyometric Multi- Planal Hurdle Jumps

This is a fantastic exercise for developing power as well as developing rhythm, coordination, balance and agility. It is a solid exercise for soccer because it helps the player react quicker with the ball, helps the player get to the ball ahead of an opponent in a 50/50 tackle, and also helps develop the power to jump high in order to win a header or catch the ball (for goalkeepers).

Agility Ladder Routines

This is a great exercise for developing speed, agility and quickness which are all vitally important to becoming a great soccer player. This exercise also helps with balance, rhythm and coordination.


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