There have been numerous reports that we have a ghost at DIAKADI. Seriously...Most of the staff is certain of the fact. Some of the trainers and even a couple of clients have had a run in with the ghost named "Doris" by front desk staff and trainer Cristian Luecke.

Not usually a believer in the hocus pocus spirit world mumbo jumbo, Cristian has felt a female spirit presence numerous times and even once saw a female form out of the corner of his eye at 9:45pm...yes, he remembers the exact time.

"As I was at the front windows of the gym, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a female form dressed in a 1920's era dress with blood on her apron. The first time she walked from the Consultation room around the bike parking and into the Trainer Lounge area. Since it was a “comforting” presence and I couldn’t believe what I saw, I went about my business. It wasn’t until I saw her AGAIN walking along the same path, that I got spooked. The gym was closed and no one else was inside. That is when I knew there was a ghost, and I named her Doris."

Later that week, DIAKADI owner Mike Clausen went to the main branch of the San Francisco Public Library to check the history records of 290 Division Street. He was shocked with what he found. From 1921 thru the 1940’s  the building was owned by Hormel and used as a meat processing factory. Have you ever noticed the slope of the floor? The building was built that way in order to allow meat run off to flow into the gutter system that was in place at the time. The majority of the 2nd floor was used as the offices, but also for dry food storage and meat brining.

Mike explains, "The way Cristian was so freaked out I had to do some further research. As soon as I found out about Hormel being located in the building, the hair on the back of my neck literally stood up. The bloody apron sighting by Cristian was an obvious match to a possible employee of a meat processing company. There is no way Cristian could have known.”

"One of my clients actually SAW Doris back by the boxing room...She saw a woman in a white dress with blood on the bottom round the corner and when she saw us, turned in a flash, so quick that the bottom of her dress then flipped around the corner…but there was nothing or no one there when I looked" says Mike.

Since then there have been numerous events involving Doris. Finding dishes randomly broken. Doors closing on their own. Seeing equipment mysteriously roll UP HILL across the gym floor. But all interactions have felt calm and safe for those involved.

Have you had any run-ins with Doris? Is there really a spirit who was not put to rest roaming the floors of DIAKADI? Could the flashing lights of the traffic, shadows of the gym and creative minds of people be an explanation for these sightings? Or is DIAKADI actually haunted? Who knows for sure. In the mean time, if a lady named Doris asks to work in with you while exercising at DIAKADI, I would let her if I were you. Happy Halloween!