Moving into December and the arrival of the season's first rains not only brings some much welcomed and long overdue drought relief, but it also signals the start of snow sports season. For avid snowboarders like Billy Polson, that means its time to start that winter sports conditioning! Watch Billy as he walks you through a few exercises to get those legs in top condition so you can take on the snowy mountain west.

In this video, Billy emphasizes adding a balance board to your BOSU exercises to help you stay on your feet and avoid injury. He also offers some advice on endurance training helping you take advantage of your time on the slopes without tiring out.


One of our favorite tools for winter sports conditioning at DIAKADI is the Rolo Board.  Most balance boards only rock side-side (left to right), but the Rolo Board has multiple roller attachments enabling you to practice controlling the board as you rock front to back, perfectly simulating the heel-toe rock of your snowboard as you head down the mountain. This fun tool is no walk in the park, so make sure that you have mastered the Bosu and balance board before hopping on!