• Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Full Body Integration


A Bodyworker since 1994, Bob has achieved one of the highest levels of training in the city of San Francisco, with over 3,500 hours.  In May 2014 he will complete a Masters of Science, Summa Cum Laude, in Rehabilitation Science from the California University of Pennsylvania.  Bob specializes in working with pain and performance issues, especially with clients in need of post-surgical rehabilitation.  Bob teaches Sports Injury and Functional Anatomy at the Institute of Conscious Bodywork and he was selected from over a hundred NKT practitioners to teach tutorials for the Bay Area.

Bob was inspired to pursue his training as a Rehabilitation Specialist after having an eight-year-old neck injury resolved with a technique called NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT, also known as NMR). Bob was so impressed with the results that he moved from Connecticut to the Bay Area in order to study the technique. He is also certified in full body Active Release Techniques (ART).  ART is also very effective for resolving pain and is used by professional sports teams, including the SF Giants and SF 49ers.  These approaches represent the future of rehabilitation as they are focused getting to the root cause of the injury, not just treating the site of pain. The result is a quicker rehabilitation with decreased incidence of re-injury. Bob’s approach is different from traditional rehabilitation in that he uses a full body approach to find and resolve the cause of the pain, instead of just working on the area of symptoms.

Among the athletes Bob has worked with are two track athletes, Brianna Stuart & Vashti Thomas, who finished #1 in the United States in the NCAA several days after Bob successfully treated their injuries.  In addition, Bob has worked with Oracle’s America’s cup team, the Ulsters (the 2012 National Champion Irish football team), the USF athletic department, and finally, just four hours prior to game time Bob was able to successfully treat professional baseball player Jason Werth.  In addition to his work with elite athletes Bob enjoys working with a broad range of clients and symptoms, from post-surgery work to helping clients walk comfortably to the weekend warrior who wants to get back on the courts.

Bob is the right Rehabilitation Specialist for you if you are looking for help resolving pain and injury. His expertise and experience as a Rehabilitation Specialist and a NKT and ART practitioner allow Bob to assess and develop the optimal treatment plan for each client he works with.  Clients benefit from knowing they are getting the best treatment plan possibly based on a Bob’s broad range of experience and expertise in different treatment modalities.