World-Class AI Training Robot

DIAKADI is excited to be hosting the unveiling and private demo
of BodBx on August 16th @ 1:30P - 2:30P.



  • Friday, August 16th


  • 1:30P - 2:30P


  • DIAKADI, 290 Division Street Suite 102, San Francisco, California


Imagine if a robot could help optimize training for your clients and provide movement insight to assist you as a trainer. Sounds like something straight out of a sci-fi novel, right? Well, this is a reality.

Meet BODbx - a performance-training robot with the skills of an Olympic coach that can help by providing you insights such as movement quality rankings, velocity averages, and more. Designed by our own U.S. Olympic athletes and leveraging the latest tech from Nvidia, BODbx is the result of years of sports science research and training insight.

BODbx will benefit both the casual gym-goer and the experienced athlete, and compliment any member’s workout experience.

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