At DIAKADI, you have the opportunity to see your progress in real time. Our TANITA Segmental Body Composition Analyzer is an easy to use piece of equipment that provides accurate and printable body composition measurements. This is done by sending a low level electric current through your body, measuring the amount of resistance that current meets.

In order to get the most accurate readings, make sure to avoid testing: right after waking up when you're not hydrated, soon after eating, and after a workout. 

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Start keeping track of your muscle gain, fat loss, hydration levels, and more.


VO2 Max Testing


If you're training for a big race, trying to lose fat mass, increase your endurance, or only have 15 minutes to do your cardio, this Indirect VO2 Max Test helps us find out what heart rates are optimal for you to work out at.

VO2, the maximum Volume of Oxygen that an individual can utilize during maximal exercise, can be measured in order to help determine an athlete's capacity to perform sustained exercise. This test reveals your individualized training zones to create a unique cardiovascular program in order for you to achieve your results the most efficient way possible.

Rates vary/session

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