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Health buys you freedom that few appreciate until they no longer have it.
— Unknown
  • Women Focused Fitness Programs

    • Novice + Intermediate Lifters, Weight Loss, Fat Loss, Overall Body Tone + Strength Development

  • Individualized Fitness Nutrition Coaching

    • Eating + Meal Assessments + Personalized Nutrition Eating Plans

  • Positive Results Orientated Coaching

    • Lifestyle, Habit + Behavior Assessments

  • Integrated Habit & Mindset Coaching For Sustainable Long Term Results


I am a scientist turned personal trainer who believes that fitness can transform everyone to become more confident and healthier bringing out the best version of themselves.

My own fitness journey started out as the skinny fat girl who didn’t like the way my body looked and how weak I felt. I spent my early 20s trying to change my body through different diets and magazine workouts and went through phases of gym anxiety, food restrictions, and workout fads. It was only after years of experimenting and hiring expert trainers was I able to finally get results I wanted and to feel strong and confident about my body.  

I love working with clients who are new to their fitness journey and enjoy helping them create stronger bodies and healthy, balanced eating styles to support their goals. Fitness is not about just looking good in the mirror but also having total body confidence that makes you feel empowered and uplifted about who you are.

When I’m not training, I enjoy bird watching, going on hiking trips in Marin, spending time with friends and family, and being a San Francisco foodie.


  • Nation Strength and Conditioning Association | Certified Personal Trainer

  • Functional Movement Screen | Level 1 + 2 Certified

  • San Francisco State University | Masters of Science


Within the first four sessions with Candace I noticed that I had more energy and was becoming more flexible. She coached me through making some simple diet changes which made a big difference in how often I experienced hunger during the day and gave me more energy.

Over the course of two months I lost 6lbs of fat and 3 inches around my waist while maintaining my lean muscle mass. Candace is always attentive and focused during every session. She consistently challenges me during our workouts which include strength training, core workouts, and cardio. Training with Candace has made me in the best shape of my life!
— Gwen Mill
Candace is a top notch personal trainer and I cannot recommend her enough! She is a true professional who is always on time and positive during every session. She knows how to get her clients to meet their fitness goals and it’s been an awesome eye opening experience.

I reached out to Candace because I was 25lbs overweight and tired of feeling sluggish and not standing up straight. Candace has been very encouraging and she helped me understand how drinking alcohol and eating certain types of food can hinder getting in great shape. She taught me how to eat healthier and what foods to focus on to maximize my results. So far I have lost 12lbs and 2 inches in under 2 months! I really appreciate all Candace has done for me.
— Patrick Kelliher