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Try not. Do or do not. There is not try. Much to learn you still have.
— Master Yoda
  • Functional Movement + Sport Specific Training

  • Weight Loss + Lean Muscle Gain Programs

  • Strength + Flexibility Development for Sustainable Yoga Practice

  • Mobility + Postural Assessment for Injury Prevention and Recovery

  • Holistic Lifestyle Coaching with Individualized Program Design


David is a San Francisco-based yoga instructor, personal trainer, and musician who believes that yoga and strength training is for every body: for the big and the small, the flexible and the inflexible, the professional athlete and the weekend warrior.  With over a decade of dedicated yoga practice with many amazing teachers and extensive study with celebrated Physical Therapist and Yogi Harvey Deutch, he brings both confident knowledge and exultant curiosity to the mat, and hopes to stir the same in everyone who joins him. With over two decades of strength and mobility training, he provides a unique experience in the gym, where form and function are both equally developed. Coming from a martial arts background and a personal history of injury, he honors the body as the greatest teacher through exploration of its many asymmetries, strengths, and deficiencies. He focuses on working smarter, not harder, and brings that same mentality to working with his clients. Needless to say, he also likes to enjoy this life and the many wonders the Bay has to offer.

David’s personalized private sessions will hone in on the particular needs of your body, designing a hybrid of strength and mobility training, yoga, and physical therapy, specifically for you. David considers himself a student’s student and inspires an exuberant, light-hearted study of the self—through breath, sensation, and sometimes sweat—and its dynamic relationship with the world: internally, externally, and everything in between. Constantly amazed by the complexity, elegance, and resilience of the human body, he incorporates his in-depth understanding of body mechanics and therapeutics to assist his clients’ journey through injury or resistance.

Having spent equal time in the gym and on the mat, he believes that strength and mobility training are not mutually exclusive with flexibility and grace. He specializes in hybridizing yoga and resistance training (using either external weights or your own body weight) and is proficient in TRX, battle ropes, kettle bells, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

David also incorporates physical therapy techniques into his training. After spending hundreds of hours observing and assisting in Harvey Deutch's Physical Therapy clinic and workshops, he has a keen eye for both injury prevention and the safest way to heal injuries while still attaining goals such as weight loss or mass building. He has worked with amputees, spinal injuries, osteoarthritis, and clients with a host of other limitations. After seeing amazing results despite the odds, he truly believes that positive change is always possible.


  • RYT-500 Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Instructor

  • Advanced Yoga Therapeutics

  • Certified Personal Trainer (ACE, NESTA, NCSF) with 3000+ sessions

  • Reed College | Bachelors of Arts in Linguistics

  • Ludwig Maximillian Universität | Munich, Germany, Linguistik

  • California Institute of Integral Studies | Masters of Arts in Somatic Psychology (2018 in progress)


David has helped me manage my overall health and fitness goals for over a year, including physical therapy exercises following my knee surgery. Since working with David, people assume I’m a decade younger. He is knowledgeable, professional and enormously committed to his clients as individuals — with his highly personalized approach to health, fitness and overall well being.
— Richard, 62
I’ve always been fairly active and healthy, but as I moved into my early 40’s I found it harder to find the motivation and was stuck in the same old workout routine. David has a broad knowledge of the body and how to workout smart and safely. Working with David helped give me a plan and got me back in gear. I really appreciated his advice on how to maximize workouts and his flexibility in how to focus my workouts. With David I was able to drop my overall body fat 6-8%, lose weight, and build muscle; he also helped craft a plan that I am able use on my own to stay on track and keep progressing what we started.
— Andrew, 43
David is an incredible personal trainer and body movement coach. The Best!!!! He always observes what I am doing and comments in a positive and encouraging way. I am in my 70s but do not need to explain a lot to him. He observes how I could improve, caters to my needs and gives me exercises that challenge but do not overwhelm me. David pointed out problems that I did not know I had, such as how I walked and he helped me correct my posture and stride. Because of him, I move better, am stronger, feel younger and have a greater knowledge of how my body moves!
— Louis, 74