DIAKADI Body would like to recognize one of our members Devon Crosby-Helms as a Do It All Kick Ass Doing It athlete. Devon is an Ultra-Marathon runner and is currently training for the Western States 100 Ultra Marathon.  The Western States Endurance Run, known commonly as the Western States 100, is a 100 mile long (161 km) ultra marathon that takes place on trails in California's Sierra Nevada annually on the last weekend of June. The race starts at the base of the Squaw Valley ski resort and finishes at the Placer High School track in Auburn, California. Runners climb a cumulative total of 18000 feet (5500 m) and descend a total of 23000 feet (7000 m) on mountain trails before reaching the finish. Because of the length of the race, the race begins at 5:00 A.M. and continues through the day and into the night. Runners finishing before the 30 hour overall time limit for the race receive a bronze belt buckle, while runners finishing in under 24 hours receive a silver belt buckle.

Devon trains at DIAKADI with Josh Moberg. Since Devon is training “in season,” most of the work done with Josh is working on her balance, core and flexibility.  As most runners are not flexible and have poor muscle balance, the idea behind this type of training is to allow Devon to be in a more healed and balanced state prior to the abuse of a grueling 100 mile run on her body.  Josh incorporated a great deal of Yoga and stretching.  Josh also incorporated strength exercises using Devons body weight and core strengthening exercises.  Devon says she notices a huge difference in her flexibility as well as her core strength, she hopes this will give her a defined edge in the outcome of the race.

Great Job Devon!  We are all very proud and wish you luck!

Author: Brandon West, DIAKADI Intern