Parents are magnificent beings of life force bringing blessings of little ones into the world. This is a time of excitement for many and also a time of mixed emotions as women “lose control” over their changing bodies or men “struggle to connect” with what is happening outside of their bodies. For some the blessing of a child is a smooth and easy time; for others it is if full of challenges along the way from difficulty conceiving, body aches and pains, or the waiting for an adoption to come through. All of this stress takes a toll on the body and can energetically block the very joy being wished for. Prenatal Massage Therapy and Exercise programs specifically designed for individual health concerns, needs and circumstances can be an invaluable support system to those in the process of becoming parents. Nurturing and parenting a child begins with the intention to become a parent. We must not forget to honor with compassion the struggle of making this life changing decision. There is energy asking to flow freely through the body for the creation of life or from the grief over miscarriage or abortion. Bodywork has been proven over and over to be a very important link to assisting with connection or healing of body, mind and spirit.

When considering the assembly of your health care team I would highly recommend the addition of skilled holistic health care providers. There are many modalities that support parents during this time period from Midwives to Massage Therapists. Do take the time to find the providers that best match your needs and make you feel comfortable. The skill of the Therapist is both in the technique and in the intention behind the touch. I am here to help and look forward to being a resource and support for you on your journey.

Author: Ivana Kurian, DIAKADI Massage Therapist