Kombucha tea is a popular flavored fermented tea known for its healthy elements, but the drink has seemed to mysteriously disappear from stores. Whole Foods recently decided to pull the drink from their shelves after a discovery of unusually high levels of alcohol content. Tests have relvealed that the tea’s alcohol content is higher than the legal 0.5 percent and has posed legal issues for retailers. A representative from Honest Tea, a company that sells Kombucha, replied to the discovery by explaining warm temperatures may have caused fermentation in the tea to produce more alcohol and it is possible the retailers did not properly refrigerate the tea. Nevertheless, law restrictions state that drinks with an alcohol content over 0.5 percent require a warning label and enforced Whole Food’s decision to ditch the drink.

Not to worry Kombucha drinkers, you are still able to get it at some places and although the alcohol levels are higher, you won't be getting any kind of buzz from drinking your daily serving. As of right now it is up to the company to review the problem and they are still working on resolving the labeling issues for a swift solution. The return of kombucha is still unknown but we are hopeful that it will be back on the shelves soon!

Author: CJ Murfey, DIAKADI Intern