Get a hands-on experience with kinesiology! Josh Rubin, the owner and founder of EastWest Healing and Performance, will be teaching a workshop on proper exercises to support spinal health. This is a great way to improve technique and coach healthier living! The workshop will be run right here at DIAKADI July 24-25 from 8am-6pm. The rates are $300 for DB trainers and $350 for others interested. This is primarily set up for our trainers but anyone in a health profession seeking further study is welcome. Josh has had 9 years experience teaching and coaching and has a great program set up. His goal is to lead his clients into a healthier lifestyle with an energetic approach and reflect a mutual desire to learn!
Josh was voted Personal Trainer/Speaker of the month for Health and Beauty Magazine in June of 2006. As a faculty member of the CHEK Institute, Josh teaches the Exercise Coach certification, CHEK Practitioner Level 1, and Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 and Level 2. The CHEK Institute provides cutting edge, clinically and scientifically-based educational programs, products, and services for the fitness and health care professional.  CHEK is also a tool for the fitness enthusiast, in pursuit of better living through optimal health. Furthermore, Josh has held many classes in local gyms, schools, health food stores, SDG&E, Amerigas and at the SD Cancer Center. Josh is a frequent speaker each year at SCW, ECA, BAM, Worlds of Wellness, Can Fit Pro and IDEA conventions speaking on many topics that include stress reduction, functional exercise and functional medicine. We are so excited to have him come here and share his program with us! Hope to see you there!
Author: CJ Murfey, DIAKADI Intern