Hello! I have been working with Mike this week and loving it! He kicked my butt this week- Funny! I was thinking that the workouts weren't as intense as my old workouts had been and, then, what do ya know? They got harder! He upped the weights and started with a bunch of push-ups. Push-ups are very hard for me. This week I did them on the floor and on a bar, pull ups on the bar (even harder than push-ups), and planks on the bar. He's shown me some yoga poses that are particularly challenging and I'm excited to see if I can do them at some point.

I had my first meeting with Manuel this week. Really nice guy, too. He gave me a bunch of computer surveys to do before meeting with him. We talked about what my schedule is like and what kind of eating plan I need in order to make things easy for me to follow. We also talked about my workouts with Mike so Manuel could get a sense of how many calories I'm burning.

He asked me to make some small changes before he gives me an eating plan. He changed my breakfast to something much larger than what I'd been having and asked that my snacks all contain protein. I'll have to go shopping.

Week 3 part 2:

I met with Manuel again for the metabolic rate test and official weigh-in (261 by his scale) to get my starting weight and numbers. He talked with me about the concepts of calories in and calories out and how much is too much out. That's been a big issue of mine, doing too much exercise and sending my body into so much stress that it holds onto every calorie.

He's asked me to do no more than and average of 400 calories out from exercise per day. So if my workouts with Mike burn about 500 calories and my cardio for that day is about 700, that's 1100 calories/7, that's about 157 calories per day so far.

I felt really guilty because I wasn't able to get to the store yet to buy the stuff for the new breakfasts and snacks, so that hasn't changed yet. I've been eating really healthy stuff, but not what he asked me too. I also wasn't able to get a heart rate monitor to get the accurate calorie count of the workouts with Mike. I was frustrated with myself for not getting to it even though my schedule just couldn't allow it. But I'll get to it tomorrow, my regular shopping day for the week.

So Manuel came up with a preliminary eating plan for me with guesses for how many calorie and their breakdown into carbs, proteins, etc. until I can get the right counts to him.

Author: Kelley Clements, 2010 Commit to Fit Winner