These are excerpts from Kevin's narrative to Manuel throughout their first week together. Update 1: Thank you for meeting with me today. I learned a lot about myself and about you.

Today was harder than yesterday for me.  I was in pain (physically and emotionally), and still dealing with sleep problems.

Thank you so much for today's meeting. I had a very eventful day. I met with my regular doctor, who is completely behind the decisions I've made concerning improving my diet. I found out how much I weigh.  In December I weighed 412 lbs. Today I weighed 405.2 lbs. (Honestly I thought I weighed more than that). I met with my therapist, where we discussed some of the reasons why I overeat.  I realize that this will be a continuing thread in my work with him; dealing with the issues that have led me to over 400 pounds.  My therapist is completely behind me changing and improving my overall health.  I know that I can count on his support during this new direction in my life.  I did some volunteer work at Congregation Sha'ar Zahav this evening.  Knowing that this day would be packed, however, I did not prepare very well for my eating today.  I did not pack snacks for while I was out and about today.  I ended up eating dinner late, and eating more calories than I should have.  So my "fear" is that if I make one mistake that our work together is over.  I know that this is my mind talking, not you.  I realize that I am at the beginning of this journey with you, and that I know that I will make mistakes.  But I did want to let you know what I was feeling at this moment.  I know that tomorrow is another day, and I get another chance (God willing) to do the best I can.  As our new President (and you) have said (my paraphrase), "Dust yourself off, pick yourself up and start all over again." Thank you for your support!

Update 2: Thanks for your email this morning. I am interested in learning how to deal with setbacks.  (Personally I like that word better than slip) I am feeling good today.  I reached out to a friend today who is willing to help me on my new journey. I am creating a support system for success.  I went for a 10 minute walk in the Castro this afternoon. It was gorgeous today.  I am going to try and eat more of my allowances earlier in the day, so that I eat 70% of my calories before dinner.  Tomorrow I am going for a longer walk with a good friend.  I am trying to keep my focus at one moment at a time.  I can get distracted, but I know that I can return to being in the moment.

Update 3: Today I got up at 9AM.  I felt rested and ready for the day.  I had breakfast, and then went to meet my friend Alan for coffee at Peet's in the Castro. We had a nice visit.  I felt like eating a meal at lunchtime. I felt like I was ready to try eating out on my own using your program.  Since this was my first meal "out" since I started, I first thought of Bagdad Cafe.  But I did not see anything that I really wanted, so I chose to eat at Asqew Grill.  When I got to the restaurant, after looking at the menu in the rain, I asked the staff person if they could prepare the Chicken skewer with the sauce on the side, (I didn't eat the sauce).  I ordered one skewer, (6 pieced of white meat chicken, along with red onion and red pepper) which came on a bed of basmati rice along with a small portion of cole slaw.
Author: Kevin Johnson, 2009 Commit to Fit Winner