I trust that your week is going well. I woke up late today. I just did not want to get out of bed today. Thankfully I had made arrangements with my friend Julia to do some walking exercise. Julia is part of my support team. An accomplished athlete, she and I had a great walk. We spent 55 minutes walking along the Embarcadero. Even though I had a blister on my right foot, I did not let that stop me. I felt good after wards. I realize that I am not eating as often as I should have today. You were right, this is a lot of food. The weighing and measuring of what I'm going to eat at first thought would be daunting. I know that it will take time to fully integrate this new pattern into my life. I am feeling tired, but content at the moment. Emotionally I am feeling OK. I am grateful for the support I am getting, and that you are reading my emails.

I wanted to share with you about the food choices I made today. Today I was able to get up early, had breakfast. I knew that I was going to see my family today, and we were going to eat late, so I packed a snack which I had before going to the restaurant.

We were going to celebrate some birthdays, especially my Great Uncle, who turned 83 years young. We went to The Fish Market in Palo Alto. I checked their website beforehand to make sure that there was something for me. I chose to get the Combo Mesquite grilled skewer (red snapper*, shrimp and scallops) along with basil cherry tomatoes and steamed vegetables. I did not eat the bread that was on the table. When we went over to Ed and Char's house they had gotten my uncle a Marie Callender's no added sugar apple pie. I checked the website, I could not find any nutritional information, so I emailed the company to have someone get back to me with it. I had one piece, with no ice cream added, with one cup of coffee, black. It was not the best pie in the world, but I made a decision that I would celebrate my Uncle's birthday and enjoy a slice a pie with him. I could have chosen to have no pie, but I know that these situations will happen again in the future, and I did not feel guilt or shame for having it. I also know that this is something I am not going to have every day. I came home and had a chicken breast and some toast with I cant believe its not butter spray. I would like to talk about what happened and my decision to eat the slice of pie. I don't feel like it's a setback, but I knew that once I had it I wanted to let you know ASAP.

Thank you for a great meeting this morning. I had a pretty good day. I made sure to eat every three hours or so. I called some friends, who were very excited to hear about my weight loss. I am getting some great support from my community as well. I am glad that I am getting some help with my sleep. It has been frustrating, but I am hopeful that with the CPAP machine I will be able to get some rest. I am planning to attend a recovery meeting with some friends in the program tomorrow. I have not utilized any AA meetings or support in many years. I have no expectation from it, but since my friends were going I thought I'd tag along. I'll give you a report tomorrow. Thank you for reading my email, Kevin 14 days SOBER!

I got up at about 8:15AM, to meet a friend for a walk. We walked for 35 minutes along the Embarcadero. We lucked out and beat the rain! Today was a pretty action packed day. I went on another short walk with my friend Beth, who is part of this outstanding support I've got. I am truly blessed. Then I met with the medical supply company that is providing my CPAP machine. It looks cool. I learned all about taking care of it and using it. I took it for a test drive, and had no problem. I'll let you know about my sleep tomorrow. I've felt a bit rushed today. I met my friends for a coffee before the AA meeting this evening. They wanted to go to Burger Meister (they were buying dinner). It was my first attempt at eating at a burger place. I got the grilled chicken breast, nothing on the whole wheat bun, veggies on top of the chicken, no fries, but I did get the coleslaw. I felt like I made a good choice. I came home and ate some tangerines (since I didn't get to eat much fruit earlier). Feeling OK, a bit tired. Emotionally I feel good. Trying to figure out what's a storm versus what is just the wind blowing, and nothing else.

Author: Kevin Johnson, 2009 Commit to Fit Winner