DIAKADI will be hosting a live workshop from Josh Rubin on "Prerequisite to Exercise Coach, Program Design."  Typically this is only taught through video or reading materials, get a chance to see it LIVE! Things you will learn:

  • Select optimal rep/intensity zones to achieve any desired outcome
  • Calculate rep/intensity correlations
  • Determine how many sets are optimal for developing optimal strength
  • Understand the science and application of tempo
  • Select optimal rest period length for any exercise in any loading zone
  • Understand basic periodization concepts

Additional details:

  • Earn CEU's (ACE .8, ACSM .8, NASM .7, NATA 10, CHEK 7)
  • Final exam is waived in a LIVE setting
  • Receive CHEK PD manual
  • Date: Sept18-19
  • Time: 8am-6pm at DIAKADI
  • Cost: DIAKADI Trainers-$300, Community-$350

About Josh Rubin:

Josh is the Owner and Founder of EastWest Healing and Performance.  For therapist 9 years Josh has been coaching his clients using many cutting edge corrective exercise techniques, as well as holistic nutrition and lifestyle coaching.  Josh is also a faculty member of the CHEK institute where he teaches the Exercise Coach certification, CHEK Practitioner Level 1, Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1 and Level 2.  He is currently assisting CHEK Level 2 and 3

Registration: Cash, Check, Charge, No refunds 30 days prior to each course, for more info www.diakadibody.com