This week has been really good! I've been pretty much spot on! I've gotten my calories right, and the breakdown of the carbs/proteins/fats right. Amazing. Last week I couldn't get any of it right and this week all my numbers are right. I have to be okay with the times I don't get it right. The only issue this week is that I took on a new shift at my computer lab and when I looked at my calendar to make sure I didn't have any conflicts I needed to reschedule I didn't see a meeting with Manuel. So I had to cancel that meeting, go on the wait list, and hope that someone else canceled theirs. That didn't happen. Everybody has, thus far, kept their appointments. I guess I won't see Manuel till next week.

I have a haircut scheduled right before I see him. I told Mike today that I wanted to go into the meeting saying that I had my hairdresser weigh the hair so I could subtract that from the total on the weigh-in and know what I REALLY lost over these weeks and see what Manuel does. Could be fun! I have noticed that sometimes I have more energy than before and sometimes I have less. I have been sleeping regularly, and that's a HUGE change from before. I have had sleep issues for as many years as I can remember. I can feel my body changing shape. I haven't had to "suck it in" when I put on things that have just come out of the dryer (that's a nice change). And the things that had started becoming tight before I started with Mike are no longer tight. Yay!

Also, this week was free pastry day at Starbuck's and free cone day at Ben & Jerry's. I've never been to free cone day because I've just never cared that much about ice cream. But I've thought about it every year just because it's free. And the Starbuck's thing... I don't even like the pastries at Starbuck's, but I seriously considered that as well! I didn't end up going to either of them, but I hadn't been able to get pastry and ice cream out of my head. So I looked at what fat and calories I had left in my day and looked at what I had in the house: girl scout cookies and some Ben and Jerry's ice cream. I put all the choices into the online food diary from MV Nutrition and made a conscious choice of what sugar I would eat and how much of it. I ended up eith a serving, 1/2 cup, of Ben and Jerry's everything but the... because it has all sorts of stuff in it, particularly Reese's peanut butter cups, my absolute favorite. Half a cup is a lot of ice cream for me. My leg started shaking. Sugar jitters. Tasted good though. That was the first day I actually ate as much fat as I was supposed to (no surprise, huh?).

Author: Kelley Clements, 2010 Commit to Fit winner