Hello All! Thanks so much for reading! I appreciate everyone's encouragement. This week had more ups and downs. I started off just trying to eat what I was supposed to eat. But there were 2 things I couldn't stop thinking about: 1. Cakes 2. Did I lose any weight?

I worked out with Mike 3 times and those went well, except for Thursday when I tried to do my cardio before I met with Mike. Trying that made the workout soooo much harder. Bad choice. When I was eating several thousand calories a fay that wasn't an issue. I always had extra energy then.

When I met with Manuel I found out I had lost a total of 12 lbs. That was exciting!

When I went home and told Rhonda, though, I started getting nervous. I wondered f I would be able to keep this up. What if that was all I lost? It wasn't till the next day that I started thinking about it and asked myself, "Has it been very hard so far? No, it hasn't. I just need to take it slowly and concentrate on today.

Author: Kelley Clements, 2010 Commit to fit winner