Today I did my cardio at DIAKADI. I had my heart monitor on, and used the elliptical machine. I set it to Level 23 and was on the machine for 40 minutes, burned 424 calories and my heart rate was 131 BPM. I did not think I could last that long, but Billy said to go more than 30 minutes! I hope that you are doing well. Today was an action packed day. Not only did I have to get to the gym, but I also had a meeting with the Rabbinic Intern at my synagogue as well as meeting friends for dinner. I am not sure how I did all of that, but I made it on time to everything. I thought I really worked hard doing cardio at the gym however the heart monitor only said that I did 193 calories. I know that some days will be better than others! I also had a lot on my mind, since I wanted to speak to Reuben (the Rabbinic Intern). I was able to express my feelings and get some resolution on what to do. I attended a Shabbat dinner at my friends after the gym. I brought a mixed green salad with tomatoes. We had roast chicken and steamed vegetables with quinoa. After dinner we went to serviced at Sha'ar Zahav. It was a nice service. However, I knew that I would need to speak to two people about an issue I have with them after services. I finally told person A that I was not happy with her. I told the other person, B, that I wanted to have a conversation with them. This may sound cryptic, but it's about how I express my feelings in a Constructive rather than destructive way. Usually after doing things like this, I would eat a lot over it. But when I got home, I did not binge. I hope that you are enjoying the weekend, and that you did not get caught in the rain. I did not sleep very well last night. I decided not to use the CPAP machine. When I saw my sleep doctor on Friday, she told me that she wanted me to meet with the respiratory therapist to figure out if I have the right mask. I had planned to go to the East Bay to hear a lecture with a friend. However, when the friend called I did not feel like getting out and doing anything. After getting a call from my cousin, I went to the kitchen to fix breakfast. However I did not feel like eating anything. So I had one TLC Kashi bar and a string cheese, and went back to bed. After trying to go back to sleep failed, I got up and ate some toast and another string cheese. I finally decided to get my day started. I got myself dressed and headed for the library and the video store to return some items. I then went to the grocery store and picked up some turkey for dinner. I am seeing my family tomorrow. My cousin and I are driving down to Santa Clara to see them. It will be the first time seeing them since I've started the program. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

Author: Kevin Johnson, 2009 Commit to Fit Winner