SAVE THE DATE!!!  Saturday October 2, 2010 kicks off DIAKADI's Outdoor Workout Series (OWS). Each individual will learn how to give a detailed self assessment of their body posture, flexibility, strength and muscle imbalances.  This can be a useful tool to help educate individuals to train according to their own bodies needs and get optimal results  without breaking their bodies down.  Workouts include core stabilization, total body strengthening, sand resistance training, obstacle course and relay. Cost for the Outdoor Work out Series is $20 per single session or $70 for the month package.  Workouts on Oct 2 and 16 are at Baker Beach, 10-11am.  Workouts on Oct 9 and 23 are at Presidio Lyon street stairs 10-11am.  Sessions are non refundable once OWS begins and require 1 week cancellation notice to receive refund for single session purchase.

For more information please come visit us at DIAKADI or visit our website.

Sample exercises are as follows:  This sequence of exercises, to be completed with no stopping or rest in between, is a complete warm up prior to a workout.

1 ) Partner Chest Stretch (warm up): Stretch for chest and shoulders, hold for 30 sec each.  Have your partner stand with staggered stance in front of you.  With their arms outstretched with their thumbs in the up position, slowly grab their palms and bring their arms back so that the chest opens up.  Have them keep chest up and don't round shoulders forward. Can also be done individually on a pole or wall.

2 ) Kneeling Hip flexor stretch (warm up): Stretch for hip flexor and quads, hold for 30 seconds each.  From a kneeling position, first squeeze your butt cheeks, then rotate your body towards your front leg and extend your rear arm up overhead as you twist and look up toward the ceiling. Hold for 30 seconds.

3 ) Hip Bridges (warm up): Warmup for lower back, glutes, hamstrings.  Lie flat on your back with your arms extended out from your sides palms up and your feet together flat on the ground hip width apart with knees bent.  From here, thrust your hips up as high as you can, using your glutes to push you up.  Do this for 20 reps.  Start with 20 hip lifts up and down without resting on the ground at each rep. Then at end of 20, hold the top position and alternately raise one leg off the ground and "march" with each leg.  Lastly, repeat the hip lifts for a set of 20 reps on each leg using only a single leg to lift the hips up and down.

4 ) Slight Jog(cardio, warm up): 3 min jog

5 ) Side steps (agility, cardio): Do side steps for 60 seconds a side and then switch sides for another 60 seconds.

6 ) Karioke (agility, cardio): Do karioke for 60 seconds. Side step in a zig zag, back and through them again with your right foot leading, do not let your feet cross, and keep your toes to the side at all times so that your always moving laterally.

7 ) Hi knee jog (agility, cardio): Jogging for 60 seconds lift your knees hi into your chest, use your abs to drive your knees hi into your chest.

8 ) Jogging (cardio): After completing all these exercises in sequence with no break, continue to jog for another 3 min.