Dont forget to sign up for DIAKADI's OWS (outdoor workout series) which starts Saturday October 2nd!  As part of this workout series each individual will receive posture assessments, individualized recommendations for correction and training to suit your bodies needs.  Do It All Kick Ass Doing It!

Workouts include core stabilization, total body strengthening, sand resistance training, obstacle course and relay.

Cost for the Outdoor Work out Series is $20 per single session or $70 for the month package.  Workouts on Oct 2 and 16 are at Baker Beach, 10-11am.  Workouts on Oct 9 and 23 are at Presidio Lyon street stairs 10-11am.  Sessions are non refundable once OWS begins and require 1 week cancellation notice to receive refund for single session purchase.

For more information please come visit us at DIAKADI or visit our website.

Example Exercises:

1) Downward Dog Cobra stretch: 2 sets/10 reps, for total body

Take up push-up or plank position on the ground. Then push your hips back with legs long so that you are now in a yoga Downward Dog position, with your hips piked up and arms and legs straight. Hold for three seconds, then drop back through a push-up position into the cobra stretch position we started the workout with. Hold here for 3 secs and then alternate between Downward dog and Cobra Stretch for full set.

2) Walk outs: 2 sets/hold 30 seconds, for arms and ore

Start with hands and feet on the ground and walk your hands out as far as you can (well past a push-up position), until your hands and feet are as far apart as possible with your chest almost on the ground. Next, slowly walk your feet up to your hands. Then repeat by walking your feet back as far as possible and then walking your hands in to your feet. In the lowest position you want your body to be in the shape on a wide arch between your fingers and toes with your abs on at all times.

3) Plank with Knee Drive: 3 sets, 10 each leg, for full body and core

In a prone pushup position (face down) with your feet hip-width apart and your hands on ground shoulder-width apart, balance on the tips of your toes and hands and maintain a straight line from your head to your feet. Keep your abs contracted and stable to keep your back from sagging. Keep your shoulder blades back, chest open and head/neck in line with your spine.  From here, take your right knee and drive it forward towards your chest, then kick it straight back out, using your abs to drive it out.  10 times, then switch legs.

4) Walking Lunges with Run around court: 3 sets, length of court, for legs and glutes, and core

Perform walking lunges across the length of the volleyball court.  Keeping 90 degree bend in knee and body straight so that you feel hip flexor stretch.  When reach the edge, run back to start and perform again.

5) Elbow Side Pillars: 2 Sets, 60 seconds each side

Lie on your right side in the grass with your right elbow and forearm supporting your upper body and your right foot placed heel-toe in front of your left foot, which should be lying on the ground on your left instep. Use your right obliques to raise your body off the ground so only your feet and forearm are on ground. Keep your shoulder blades and head back and look straight ahead. Repeat for 30 seconds and then switch sides. You can also stack your feet on top of one another for tougher balance.

6) Single Leg lunge to Balance Hold: 15 each leg, for legs, glutes and core

Perform a reverse lunge in the sand.  Start by lunging backwards with your left leg.  Bring your left  knee up in the top position and hold for 3 seconds.  Try this with your eyes closed as well and see how hard the balance is.

7) Low Hold Squats with Jump: 10 sets, 10 reps, for legs glutes and core

Do low hold squats w/legs hip width apart.  From the low position, squeezing your glutes, jump off the ground and land back into squat position.