Hi Everybody! After a couple weeks of trying not to sweat the doctor has told me that I can officially shower again. No more sponge baths! Yay! I am still a bit sore every once in a while, but I was given the go to exercise and so I started back up. I went to the gym Friday, the day after the doctor said I was good to go. I did a very small amount of weight lifting to try things out. I did about 15 or 20 pounds on the cable machines and did every exercise I could think of on it. But only 1 set of each exercise. I promised myself that no matter whether I felt great I would only do one set of each. I didn't want to overwork myself by accident. After the weights I did 15 minutes of cardio on an elliptical machine. By the end of all that I was exhausted and felt like I could sit down. But I also felt good.

I had a workout with Mike on Monday. I felt like I had never worked out before in my life. I was so exhausted! He had me stop and rest about ever other exercise, but, still, at one point I got dizzy. He asked me to walk around and just breath deep until it passed. I was worn out like I've never been worn out before. But I felt great that day and the next. I had just the small bit of tightness that comes from working out muscles that haven't been worked in a while. And the day after the workout I had a follow up with a doctor who said everything looked great.

I've had a few sessions now with Mike and it's getting better, but I'm still not 100% I don't think. We're not doing really strenuous stuff yet, but we're doing enough and I'm burning the calories. And that's really the important part. Everything is getting back to normal. The spot is healing just fine. I have a checkup with my doctor soon and there shouldn't be any issue that I can think of. It all looks good. I still lost 6 pounds while I couldn't exercise! That was surprising! It just goes to prove that it's more about what you put in your mouth than how much exercise you do. It's hard to accept that, seeing as how for as long as I can remember I've always pushed myself to exercise more and harder than the day before. I have to remind myself all the time that it's about the food. How much of what am I eating? That's the important thing. Hope you're all well!

Author: Kelley Clements, Commit to Fit Winner 2010