29 May 09Today I stayed in bed. I did not get to bed until very late. I am afraid that I am falling into an old habit again. Tonight may be another late one. I've got to get to bed earlier in the evening. I did my cardio today in the building gym. I used three different machines, and worked up a sweat. I'm going to DIAKADI tomorrow so that I can have my picture taken. I was chosen to be DIAKADI Client of the Month! I'll pass on to you the questionnaire that they had me fill out that will be posted along with my picture. I was totally surprised by this. And also excited. Thank you for helping me get this award! My clothes are beginning to hang on me. Some friends have suggested that I throw a party to celebrate once I've lost 100 pounds. What are your thoughts about that? 30 May 09 As I was falling asleep last night, I realized that I had not written to you yesterday. So here's my report from yesterday: I had a relaxing day. Thank you for sending the email. I've been afraid that if I did have a setback that you would stop working with me. What you said in your email helped me see that its normal. I just need to relax. I got my picture taken at DIAKADI for client of the month. Then I went to the library. I was hoping that the sun would come out but not on Saturday. Did you know that a new farmers market opened up at the Metreon? I went by to see it, and it has some interesting vendors that I've not seen at other markets, (who thought selling subscriptions to the New York Times was considered organic produce. I look forward to talking to you about the 100lb party idea. I hope that you are enjoying your weekend! Manuel’s reply: Setbacks are a normal part of a process of changing behavior. Instead of being afraid and dwell on the setbacks take them and learn from them.  This way you will feel empowered next time. About your 100lb lost celebration.  I know that 100lb is a milestone and I understand how hard you are working to get there so a reward is needed. However, please in our next session let's talk about the implications that could occur from celebrating with friends your first 100 ponds. 31 May 09 I hope that you had a nice weekend. I did not get a chance yesterday afternoon to send you a report on yesterday, so here it is: I spent part of the day with my cousin. He is very sweet, smart and funny. However he is not happy at the moment and tends to make sweeping changes to his life thinking that it will make things better. Sometimes I feel like I am babysitting, and yesterday was one of those days. I agreed to help him today with a presentation in Oakland. Pray that all goes well. I did my sleep study last night. I made sure to relax before leaving, having a nice dinner and not feeling rushed. Of course MUNI was not cooperating, and I had to wait for a bus longer than I anticipated. The good news once I arrived at the sleep center was that I was the only patient spending the night there! So Jeannie, (the sleep technician) took real good care of me. And I actually slept there! On the last two occasions, I did not get much sleep. She was able to do the tests that the doctor ordered while at the center. It looks like, and this is an unofficial result from the tech, is that I will need the CPAP at least for a while longer but probably at a lower level than what my machine is currently set at. And it may be that later on down the line as I continue to lose weight that I may not need the CPAP machine at all. Of course this is not what the doctor said, so I have to wait until I see her in two weeks. I thought I would be cranky when I got home, but I was able to have a cup of coffee, take a shower and have breakfast. Now I am ready to head to the gym shortly and ready to start the day. I'll send another report to you this evening. Thanks for reading my emails and have a good week. PS: I wonder why once you mention that you've begun a lifestyle change and shared that you have changed your weight, that people automatically make suggestions on how YOU should be losing the weight. As if they were some kind of expert... is that why there are so many diet books out there? ;) 01 Jun 09 I can't believe that today is June 1st. Whoa, time is just flying… I worked with Billy today. We started a circuit training today. And from the gym I headed over to Oakland to help my cousin with his presentation he gave at a Mental Health and Spirituality conference. He was amazing. I was glad to be a part of his staff. (I was the DJ) He took me to Crepevine for dinner. I left home at 9AM today and did not get home until 8PM. I felt tired at the beginning of the day but after the gym workout I felt invigorated. Tomorrow I'll be meeting with my therapist right after my workout with Billy. I will tell you about that tomorrow. 02 Jun 09 I hope that your Tuesday went well. I was at the gym today with Billy. We had a good workout. Billy spoke to me about some information that he got last week from his classes. He has eliminated drinking diet soda, because he learned some information about aspartame. He also heard about the dangers of microwaving food, and that it may deplete the nutritional value of the food you are eating. He suggested that I speak to you about these two pieces of information. I admit I am not drinking enough water. What about leaving out diet soda and maybe switching to herbal iced tea with fruit slices? And how does one start drinking more water when someone wants "taste" in their beverages? I have also been microwaving my meals, since I store them and receive them frozen. What do you think? I had therapy today. We are looking at some of the issues that have came up around my body image and he agreed that the 100 pound "party" was not a good idea. 03 June 09 I had a pretty good day. I had lunch with a good friend on the rooftop garden of my building. Then I spent about an hour in the gym in my building doing cardio. I did not eat a snack after the cardio, so I was hungry when I got home. I had some chicken. I am about ready to go to bed, and wanted to send this report to you. Did you get a chance to read my post from yesterday? I did have some questions for you, but I know that you're busy so whenever you have a chance it would be great to get your opinion on those topics. I hope that your week is going well. 04 Jun 09 I got your emails this morning. Thank you! I look forward to talking to you in person next week about those issues. Today I burned 720 calories today during my workout with Billy. It was pretty intense. We did another circuit training and he pushed me to go just a bit farther. After leaving the gym I went to Trader Joe's and came home and fixed dinner. I will be working out tomorrow at the gym in my building. I've been hungrier in the past few days, and wanted to let you know that. My ENT doctor called me. He got the results of the sleep study and wanted to share them with me. I will let you know what he says tomorrow. I hope that your flight went well and that the weather in Florida is not too oppressive. Thanks for your support!

Author: Kevin Johnson, Commit to Fit Winner 2009