How can coaching clients become your paintbrush? How can we infuse each brush stroke with a Zen like depth of quality that has meaning for both ourselves and clients? The Art of Coaching is dedicated to those who engage in coaching others and wish to expand the expression of their craft in a way that goes beyond the literal words that are exchanged during coaching sessions. In this program significant attention will be given to specific coaching concepts that all coaches can embrace to facilitate a dimension of expression that comes from the heart. Further, you will understand how coaches can integrate their mind and heart into a serene state of presence to allow their words, how they say their words, and their unspoken words to be an artistic expression greater than self. Explore with us how coaching can transcend the traditional strategies of giving advice and opinions to become a sacred process of communing with another for the purpose of self growth and empowerment. On January 29-30th join us for The Art of Coaching as JP shares his insights and experiences on how coaching clients can be a meaningful source of growth and discovery for both parties!

The following is the class curriculum and learning objectives: * Discover the meaning of being an artful coach * How you can use the power of questions to facilitate meaningful change * Learn how to expand awareness beyond the spoken literal health objectives of a client * Explore the seductive confusion of empowering vs. disempowering coaching strategies * In class practical sessions to apply what you are learning!

Class on Saturday and Sunday, January 29-30, 2011, price for class is $295, heald at Diakadi Body

About JP Sears A holistic health and fitness consultant, JP Sears is certified through the C.H.E.K Institute as a C.H.E.K Practitioner Level IV, Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level III, and also serves as a faculty member for the C.H.E.K Institute. Additionally JP holds certification as a Holistic Coach through the Holistic Coaching Institute in Columbus, OH. JP presents classes and lectures at numerous locations nationally and internationally on a regular basis. While presenting, JP is highly acclaimed for his heartfelt and dynamic style of delivery. JP also regularly authors articles on holistic healing and nutrition for a variety of publications. JP runs his private client practice at the C.H.E.K Institute where he facilitates emotional healing, nutrition coaching, and functional fitness.