'Assembling Team Dave'

My name is Dave McKew and I'm the 2011 Commit To Fit winner, sponsored by DIAKADI Body, MV Nutrition, and Subject To Change.  To tell you just a bit about myself: I'm 37, work as an operations manager for a software company, and am one-half of a locally and nationally performing sketch comedy duo.  And while I will undoubtedly talk about that stuff in later entries, right now I want to talk about my first week in the Commit To Fit program.

My first meeting was Wednesday with Michael Purdy of Subject To Change.  I tend to be reasonably successful at setting and meeting goals and self-directing my life, so going into the meeting, I wasn't certain how coaching might fit in to my life.   But Michael and I chatted during our 90 minute "discovery" and asked a lot of questons, and then after an "a-ha!" moment or two, I realized how I can benefit from the coaching component of CTF.  There is so much change in my future (both certain and uncertain changes, of course), and I'm not always comfortable with change happening at a pace that is...out of my hands.  Ergo, I like the idea of someone to help me navigate these waters.  I left my meeting with Michael feeling like I had so much to think about, which is always a good thing.
Later in the day I met with Billy Polson at DIAKADI for my fitness evaluation.  Now, I have to say, I'm not someone who has history loving sports or gym class or even sweating, frankly...so I confess I was a little nervous about showing up at a gym and feeling "at home."  But I'll be damned; I never thought I could feel so comfortable at a gym.  I've been living in the Castro for several years so I definitely had a very well-defined image of what a gym is.  And that image is a lot of things, but above all else: intimidating.  But from the moment I walked in the door, Billy (and other staff including Jordan and Erin) were fantastic and put me at ease.  I went from feeling intimidated, to feeling "ready to do this!" pretty quickly.  Billy took me through the seven primal movements and we succeeded in finding a few muscles that needed some awakening.  OK, maybe there were more than a few.  But Billy observed, took notes, and said that over the weekend he'd use this data to design the fitness plan for my first six weeks.  Working with Billy I kept thinking things like, "Well I'm glad ONE of us knows what is going on, because I don't think I ever realized there was a muscle there."  I felt like a stranger in a strange land, but thankfully a stranger with a really friendly, knowledgeable tour guide.
Thursday I met with nutrition counselor Sarah Koszyk of MV Nutrition.  She was the third person in two days to blow my mind.  I'd confessed in my CTF interview that I was a little intimidated about the idea that when I started eating better, I'd have to make the right decisions several times a day, every day, no matter how tired I was or what mood I was in.  But Sarah put me at ease when she asked me all about my eating habits (likes, dislikes, fears, what's important to me, what's not) and worked to cater my Eating Free meal "plan" to meet my needs and desires very closely.  I hesitate to call it a plan, because Eating Free is so..."free" that I don't really feel like I'm super limited in what I can and can't eat.  I guess on some level I was expecting to go cold turkey right away and start starving and depriving myself immediately on day one.  In retrospect, that was a really stupid thought.  No one could stick to a plan that painful!  Sarah made my goal for week 1 to start eating the right breakfast and snacks every day, and empowered me with some great breakfast and snack configurations to explore and the tools I needed to shop for the right foods.  That very night I did my first serious food shop in ages (I have been eating out...a LOT) and it felt great.  It felt wonderful all week to come home to full fridge of healthy options.  Seriously, my fridge has been nearly empty for...longer than I care to admit.   And notice that I've said nothing about lunches and dinners.  Sarah didn't want me to change everything across the board right away.  She just wanted me to focus on finding success with breakfast and snacks.  Makes sense.  My first week was totally manageable and not intimidating because I didn't bite off more than I can chew.
Sorry about that, couldn't resist.
It was a great week.  It started out being all about "Can I do this?" and ended up feeling like "I can do this!"  By the end of the week, I could see nothing but possibility.
Author:  Dave McKew