19 Jul 09Today I had a hard time getting out of bed. When I finally got out of bed, I went downstairs to do some cardio. I meant to do the cardio on Friday, but never got around to doing it until today. When I got home from the gym, I took a shower and then had some problems with my TV. The remote stopped working. I was angry and frustrated with myself, and was ready to throw the TV out the window. Then I called Avi to help me out. He checked online and with his help was able to get the remote to work again. I watched two movies, both were great. Today I ate lighter than normal. I just was not hungry, and I'm worried about the weigh in on Wednesday. I would love to cross that line of 100 pounds, but would be grateful if I stay the same. I just need to let it go until I see you later in the week. Avi gave me some homework to do, so I hope when I get up in the morning I can get started on it. 20 Jul 09 I hope that you are enjoying your time away. I got to the gym for my workout with Billy today. He will be on vacation next week, and so he was showing me what I need to do while he is away at Yosemite with Mike's family. The workout went well. I then went to see my therapist. It was a good session. You have helped me in getting me started on my journey. Bridge tonight went pretty well. I had a very laid back partner, which was good. And we played with people who tended not to offer their own advice. I love those people who easily will tell you what you did wrong, and yet have taken this class two or three times. I'm working out with Billy early, so I guess I better get to bed. 22 Jul 09 Thank you for a great meeting today. I am so grateful for your help, love and support during my journey. I could not have done such great work without you. I went home after our meeting and had a non-fat latte at Peet's. After enjoying my latte, I went to the gym in my building and did about 44 minutes of cardio, on the bike and the treadmill. Took a shower, and then met my friend Chris before the 6PM AA meeting. We then walked over to the meeting, and met briefly with the speaker, who talked about some of the issues that I have had to deal with in sobriety. I got home and had dinner. Tomorrow I am having lunch with Chris, and then going over to Diakadi for my last training with Billy before he goes on vacation. 23 Jul 09 Today was a pretty good day. I had lunch with my friend Chris, and then walked from the Castro to Diakadi to meet Billy for our workout. He went over what I am supposed to do while he and Mike are away with family at Yosemite. I have learned so much in the short time I have been working with Billy. I have become stronger, and dare I say, more athletic... I never dreamed that would ever happen! I then went to the library and Safeway. I am planning to do my cardio in the afternoon tomorrow and spend some more time with my friend Chris. We talk about stuff that comes up for us. Chris has been such a support during my journey. Hopefully I will be able to work on my bridge before next week's class. I am still getting to bed late. Last night I was up until 2AM. Maybe tonight I'll try to be in bed by Midnight. I hope that your week has gone well. 24 Jul 09 I hope that your work week went well. Today I spent the first part of the day with Chris. My patience with him was short, which I ended up apologizing for later. He's had to put up with me, and I thought I was only fair since he took me around town running errands. Chris has a bad sense of direction, and always seem to take the wrong turn, even though he's been coming to my apartment for years. After he took me home from the errands, I spent the rest of the day doing laundry and other household chores. I got behind again on entering my food on the web site. I will catch up this evening. I've got to do it every day at the same time, this would help me remember to do it. I enjoyed some dinner. I cooked some chicken, granted it had the skin on, but it was on sale. I enjoyed it, and put some in the refrigerator to enjoy for another meal. I did not do my cardio today. I'm going to do it tomorrow at the gym in my building. I'm dealing with some back pain this evening. I wanted to talk to Avi, but he was busy with work, and will call me tomorrow. I'm still scared about money right now. I hope that you have a nice weekend!

Author: Kevin Johnson, Commit to Fit Winner 2009