The SF Underground Market was conceived of by Iso Rabins in early December 2009. Frustrated by his inability to get a booth at legit farmers markets  (to be in most farmers markets in SF you need to be certified as the primary producer of the food you sell, and since wild foraged food grows on its own, there is technically no producer), as well as amazed by the wealth of delicious professional quality food being made in Bay Area home kitchens. The first market was held in a private home in the Mission neighborhood of San Francisco, with 8 vendors, and about 200 attendees.  Now at number three (at the time of this post) , It has grown to 47 vendors and over 1,200 people attending.

The SF Underground Market is an incubator. A place where budding businesses can get a leg up on their road to legitimacy.

•Through a monthly box of all wild foraged foods, which they call a CSF, they deliver fresh, sustainably harvest wild food to city dwellers. •Forage SF’s goal is to create a situation where foraging can be a full time profession for those who enjoy the work.  In addition, they want to push people out of the supermarket, to get them trying new foods harvested sustainably and fairly by their neighbors. •Fifty percent of the profit from the sale of any product they purchase from a forager goes straight to that individual. That is, to the person who collected it. •If you are interested in getting involved or have any questions, contact Forage SF at