BOOK NAME: Change Your Body, Change the World

AUTHOR: Frank Forencich

BOOK DESCRIPTION: Frank Forencich dances back and forth between personal and planetary health with an effortless credibility and a writing style that makes this book utterly engaging for anyone interested in the bigger picture.  It is the layman’s guide to systems thinking presented with a gift of amusing juicy, relevant and insightful anecdotes.

Welcome to “Big Health,” the idea that individual, social and environmental health are complementary reflections of one another.  If we change one part of this relationship, for better or worse, we change the other parts as well.  Today we see an urgent need for a new kind of health orientation, one that’s more inclusive and consistent with our radically interconnected and endangered world. Change your Body, Change the World will give you a fresh perspective on the human predicament and new ideas for health with meaning.”