'100 Pounds Is A Person, And Her Name Is Lilei'


I've been walking a lot lately.  In my last blog entry, I mentioned an excursion to San Jose and Santa Cruz last week where I did a lot of standing and a lot of walking.  After that day, my ankles and feet were killing me.  I told Billy about it on Monday and he taught me a bunch of stretches for my calves and even some for my feet that involve standing on a tennis ball.  They are a huge help.   On Sunday I went for a walk on Russian Hill with a friend.  We saw the house where Jack Kerouac wrote on Russell St., the famous block of Lombard Street ("The Crookedest Street In The World"), and we even saw the famous flock of wild parrots on Macondray Lane (aka "Barbary Lane" in the "Tales of the City" books).  The whole walk, that ended in North Beach, was about two miles, with several blocks of it being uphill.   My legs felt much better than the week before, thanks to the stretches.

Since the CTF program started, several people have asked me how much weight I want to lose.  I've been saying it would be nice to lose about 100 pounds over the year-long program.  Someone at work said to me, "That's like losing a Lilei."  Lilei is a woman in my office who weighs about a hundred pounds.  Sure, she's a small-framed Asian woman, but the point is that it's mind-boggling to think that the amount of weight I'd like to lose this year is the equivalent of a grown adult.  We joked that we should create a diagram that is a silhouette of Lilei, and as I loose weight, we can shade in parts of her body.  Maybe like a fund-raiser "thermometer" diagram!  This could be the official weight log of my "Lose A Lilei" program.  It sounds ridiculous but I think we're going to do it, because we are weird.

When we found out that I'd lost 10 pounds in the first 3 weeks, Billy @ DIAKADI handed me a 10 pound weight to understand how much weight I'd lost.  10 pounds suddenly felt like a lot.  When I got back to the office, I walked up to Lilei and held her head in my hands, trying to guess the weight of her head. Obviously I asked her first, and I promised I wouldn't pull her head off her neck.  (Lilei is pretty freakin' cool, isn't she?)  I guessed her head weighed about 10 pounds.  The internet says the average human head weighs between 8 and 12 pounds, so 10 pounds is probably right.  I've basically lost the equivalent of Lilei's whole head, skull and all.  So we could fill in her head on the diagram first thing, when it's done.
You know what else is weird?  Everyone is suddenly asking me for nutrition tips.  It's flattering, but I also think it's funny because a month ago I was the last person anyone would ask for nutrition tips.  Since I started Commit-To-Fit, I have one friend who has started eating breakfast, another who has joined a gym, another who has restarted using his previously neglected pull-up bar, and another who's started Eating Free.  It feels great to see all these people inspired by my progress.  I have the power to influence people!  Now I have to figure out a way to get them to take turns fanning me and feeding me grapes.  (Stay tuned to this blog to see how that goes.)