Author:  Jator Pierre


I believe that to heal we need to feel and to feel we need to heal.  We must address ourselves from a 360 degree view.  This includes looking into our P.E.M.S (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual) states of being.  Each state creates higher levels of awareness, as your awareness grows in the physical you will become more aware of the emotional and so on.

A very simple way to start feeling what may be going on within you, is to use slow movements to create deeper awareness.  I enjoy using the Zone exercise section in the book “How to Eat Move and Be Healthy” –Paul Chek.  Here are some basic guidelines that I personally give my clients when addressing Zone 1.

1.       As you do these zone exercises I would like you to imagine that you are breathing in a deep glowing red color.  This red is infusing every cell in your body, and helping to move any blockages (past injury/current pain etc... rooted in the physical/emotional/mental/spiritual) out of the body.

2.       Wearing red during these exercises will enhance your imagination and help your intuition.

3.       You can also repeat these mantras as you move

-          My body is becoming more important to me.  I nurture it constantly.

-          My internal mother is always here for me, protecting, nourishing, and soothing me.

-          I deserve the best that life has to offer my needs are always met.

4.       You can also do these movements with a “quiet mind”, pay close attention to the thoughts, and images that arise while moving this Zone of your body.  These thoughts and images may hold the keys to what emotional root is causing your discomfort, pain, injury etc.

5.         If you just ate a big thanksgiving dinner and you were stuffed, you would do these movements at a pace that would help your digestion not hinder it.  Extremely slow movement.

6.       These can be done anytime.  When you are stressed they can be used to decrease stress.  When you are low energy they can be used to wake you.

7.        It is important to keep an open mind and literally imagine this red, soothing, glowing color infusing your entire body and moving out any blockages that may be present.

8.       HAVE FUN!

I believe the keys to all healing are nutrition, hydration, sleep, breathing, moving, and finally your thinking.  Where in each of these areas can you make improvements to bring the body back into alignment?  As you start to create vitality within you will become more aware of the bio-feedback your body gives you each moment.  This will present the opportunity to address “issues” at more subtle levels.

These are only my thoughts and my pure open hearted sharing of what has worked for me personally and many of my clients.  Next blog I will start to break down the entire Chakra system and how to use it as a healing tool for all of us.  With Qi and Love.