My 38th birthday was yesterday.  Until about a week ago, I wasn't planning to celebrate, but on Tuesday I got two emails from friends asking what was going on for my birthday. Feeling like I shouldn't waste a Saturday birthday (the next one is not until 2015!), I caved in to peer pressure and invited a bunch of people to join me for a cocktails at one of my favorite bars.  I'd also made lunch plans with my friend Ann, with whom I share the same birthday.

Ann and I love fried chicken so we tried Auntie April's Chicken and Waffles down on 3rd at McKinnon.  I had a two-piece leg/thigh on a waffle.  The waffle was huge, I ate 3/4 of it but I probably should have had only half.   Later that night, I ended up having a family-style Chinese dinner with some friends at Big Lantern on 16th Street.  I love Chinese food. I used to eat it about twice a week, but since I started Commit to Fit, I think I've only had it once because it's so hard to navigate.  (Because, let's be honest, the best stuff is the unhealthy stuff).  After dinner was my five hour cocktail marathon.  Over two dozen of my friends showed up for that.  It was a great day but it was a pretty high-calorie, high-fat day...so I'll be trying to take it easy on the food this week, keeping my fat allocations and calorie intake in check.  Since Eating Free is about weekly averages, I think I can make my high-fat day balance out by having several low-fat days.  We'll see how that goes.


Hands down, this was the most food and booze I've consumed in one day since I started Commit to Fit on March 2.  I don't think the volume of food was that different from what I might eat in a typical weekend day back in the old days.  What was interesting, though, is that my body has become so used to not eating that much food (or that much grease) that it was sorta grumpy with me.  I used to be able to eat four pieces of fried chicken with no trouble, now a two-piece was making my stomach say "oh God why did you do that?" all afternoon.  In fact, today (the day after my birthday) I only ate about 70% of my allocated calories because I was simply not hungry.

A few weeks ago, I'd told Sarah @ MV Nutrition about my birthday coming up and she suggested we make that a "maintenance week," where my goal would be to keep my weight the same, instead of to lose weight.  I'll see her Friday for a weigh-in and we'll see if I managed to do that.

One more thing to note: I am hoping to reach my goal weight by my next birthday.  That means I'll need to lose 100 more pounds in the next year.  Do you think I can?  It seems more more doable to me than it did 2.5 months ago, so...I think I'll give it a go.


Author: Commit to Fit 2011 Winner, Dave McKew