'The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall'


I originally wrote three long paragraphs about an injury to my left knee that's been bothering me for the last two and a half weeks... but it was pretty boring so I deleted them.   The gist: I've had a lot of muscular pain behind my left knee, and Billy @ DIAKADI has been a hugely patient with me while we work to get it back on track.  Initially we sacrificed a few training sessions to work on stretches for it, and in parallel I've seen two massage therapists in the last two weeks and they have been really helpful.  At this point, we don't think there was a particular injury that caused this flare-up back on May 5.  We think that the new movements I've been doing in the gym woke up some existing problems with this knee.  You know the expression "The bigger they are, they harder they fall?"  Well, in 2006, I fell on this knee FOUR times (but I assure you only ONE of those times might have involved me being drunk on wet pavement at a car wash at 10th and Harrison).  In 2010, this knee got a hell of workout when I injured my right achilles tendon; my left knee was doing a lot of extra work.  In short: this history + new movements at the gym = PAIN.

I'm happy to say that it's feeling 50-60% better, thanks to Billy and the massage therapists.  It still hurts a little to extend my leg fully (this includes standing, walking and lying down, unfortunately) and it still gets stiff when I've been sitting for a few minutes, but there's definitely progress with the pain.  Billy has assured me that it's totally normal to have flare-ups like this due to muscle imbalances, especially when you start to move your body in ways that you haven't in a long time.  Or in my case, EVER.

Not much to report on the nutrition front this week, except Sarah @ MV Nutrition challenged me to give up Diet Coke and I've found it absurdly easy.  Turns out I only drank Diet Coke as a substitute for my old soda addiction.  I don't really NEED it and to be honest, I don't really like it.  I remember when I made the switch to diet soda, I found that I drank less soda overall.  Why is that?  Because it tastes like ashtray.  And I know what ashtray tastes like because I accidentally drank from my Mom's ash-can when I was a kid.  Yeah, she used to tap her cigarette into a soda can when there wasn't an ashtray around.  You can imagine the comedy of errors when I put down my soda can and then, two minutes later, drank from the ash-can.  Anyway, my point is I think that people who say they love diet soda are lying, or insane.  If you are thinking about giving it up, go for it.   It's easy, because it tastes terrible. Trust me...you probably hate it and don't even realize it. The huge success of the week was losing 4 lbs.  This was a particularly astonishing feat because it was the week of my birthday, and if you read last week's blog you know I chose to celebrate it with some heavy food and booze.  Eating Free wins again!

Author: Commit to Fit 2011 Winner, Dave McKew