Ever have a sore back while at your desk? Try these simple exercises to alleviate the pain! 1. Do the Twist

Spinal twists are a great way to relieve tension, increase circulation and improve flexibility and can easily be added to your seated back exercises. Keep your feet flat on the ground, spread about hip-width apart and inhale deeply, lifting up through the spine to lengthen the back. As you exhale, bring your right hand to your left thigh, twisting your torso to the left, and rest your left arm on the back of your chair. Make sure that you keep both hips on the seat of your chair, feet on the ground and your spine straight and tall. Hold the twist as you take three to five deep breaths and then come to center as you exhale. Repeat to the opposite side.

2. Don't Get Caught Sleeping

Stretch the spine while at your desk by resting your head on crossed arms on your desk, as if you were going to take a nap. Keep your feet flat on the ground, and gently push your chair away from your desk as you drop your chest towards the floor. When you feel a stretch, stop pushing your chair and hold for three to five slow, deep breaths.

3. Soothe Your Aching Shoulders

Give your upper back a break with a simple exercise. Sit up tall and straight with your feet flat on the ground and extend your arms straight out in front of you. Intertwine your fingers and then turn your palms so that they are facing away from you. Breath deeply and push your palms forward; however, make sure that your entire back remains in contact with the back of your chair. Keep your shoulders dropped down as you breath and push for three to five refreshing deep breaths.