'Plummeting Numbers: Weight, Size, Cholesterol'


Three MAJOR successes this week:

(1)  During my weekly weigh-in I passed the 30 pound mark. I've now lost 33 lbs since March 2nd.  This success was even sweeter than usual, because for the previous four weeks my weight had fluctuated between 21 and 25 pounds down, and it was starting to really annoy me.  But 33 pounds is a great number to close-out my first three months of Commit to Fit.  And an even greater number to use to shade in a diagram of my 100-pound coworker Lilei, who has become my "fitness model" to represent the 100 pounds I want to lose during my CTF year:

(2)  I'd ordered some clothes online last week and they arrived on Monday.  I'm pleased to announce that I'm now wearing jeans two sizes (four inches) smaller than my previous pairs.  I also got a new hoodie and a new jacket and some new underwear (purple boxer briefs, in case you were wondering), all in smaller sizes than my previous clothing.  It all fits!  I believe this might be the first time in my life I've bought clothes in a smaller size than what I was wearing.  I wanted to get even more stuff, but I'm planning to need even smaller sizes this fall so I didn't go overboard.  In fact at this rate I think I may be going through quite a bit of "transitional" clothing over the next 12 months before I settle in on my new, more permanent size.

I'm currently looking for a good place to donate plus-size clothing, as I expect to be purging lots of it over the next year.  I know I could bring it to a thrift store, but since most people my size don't bother with thrift stores (due to the lack of plus sizes on the racks), I thought I might find somewhere more appropriate.  A few years ago, a woman I know who had the gastric bypass weight loss surgery and she was in a support group for people who had gone through that surgery and other rapid weight loss surgeries.  She said part of the support group was a clothing swap.  Since so many of these people blow through the smaller, transitional sizes so quickly, it's best to get hand-me-downs than to invest in too much "new" clothing that one will only wear for a month or two.  I'm going to try to track down such a group so someone else might be able to benefit from my journey as they benefit from their own.

(3)  On Friday I saw my doctor and we compared my most recent blood test results to last year's results.  Since starting Commit To Fit, my "Total Cholesterol" is down to 178, from 219!  With any number over 200 being undesirable, this is really great news.  This decrease includes a 21 point drop in my LDL cholesterol, a 15 point drop in my VLDL cholesterol, and a 75 point drop in my Triglycerides.  All of my numbers for these sub-categories were "high" last year, but I'm happy to say they are all in "normal" limits, now.  Also, my blood sugar is down to 88, from 95 last year.


I feel like I can no longer use the term "heart-attack-waiting-to-happen" to describe my theoretical fate.  Since "probably-going-to-get-hit-by-a-car-while-crossing-the-street-in-the-Financial-District-waiting-to-happen" is pretty dark (and quite a mouthful), I'm going to try the more optimistic "dying-of-old-age-waiting-to-happen."  It almost rolls off the tongue, doesn't it?   I could get used to that.


Author: Commit to Fit 2011 Winner, Dave McKew